Wild dogs and hurt animals

Sometimes the relation between peoples is like the relation between animals in the jungle. Kindness and compassion between people have declined so far that people no longer care about other human beings.

Often this is a result of tough life people are facing. These difficulties make people no longer think about anything else other than own problems. This is really something I can understand.

Another issue is that not all people are behaving the same. Some still help others and care about their surroundings. These people do not lose their decency and even tough life is not a reason for them to lose their decency and humanity.

There are however some other people who are like wild dogs. The outside interior looks like a normal human being but the inside they have no shred of decency.  These are the people who have no compassion and even if they could help someone other than themselves, they will not do it because the essence of humanity for these people is long gone.

I pity these people because deep inside they must hate their life and themselves. Although I do believe that there is always hope for everyone. I have a huge doubt if these people ever could be saved. I don’t know if praying will help these people, but I will pray for them. Let’s pray for a world that all human behaves with compassion and understating. Nations help other nation in need and there are no wars in the world. Let’s pray our children will live in a time of prosperity and kindness.

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