What is a coronavirus and where did it come from?!

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There are many articles and links on the Internet about this virus, one can find detailed information about what is a coronavirus and what are the symptoms. Here I would like to explain it in simple words. coronavirus is some sort of flu virus in simple words. The symptoms are similar to the flue and when it gets worth. The way it disables the body is the same as pneumonia. The question is what is a coronavirus and where did it come from?

Below is a picture of how the virus looks like.

En bild som visar inomhus, djur

Automatiskt genererad beskrivning

If you wish to know more details about this virus, here is a link.

The fact that this is a virus is very infectious and currently is causing a world epidemic, is one side of the story. The other side of the story presents this question, where did this virus come from? Is from Bat, the snake?

Is this Spanish flu?

below are the symptoms of Spanish flue:

Symptoms: Normal flu symptoms of fever, nausea, aches, and diarrhea. Many developed severe pneumonia attacks. Dark spots would appear on the cheeks and patients would turn blue, suffocating from a lack of oxygen as lungs filled with a frothy, bloody substance. 8 million Spanish and 50 million people globally died of this virus.

Doesn’t the above sound like coronavirus?

Look, I am not a specialist in this area, nor have I done extensive research but when I compare these two viruses, they look very similar, they are even from the same “virus family”.

The question is, did it re-appeared accidentally or was it manufactured/distributed intentionally?

There are many whispering stories about discoveries in Antarctica. Some people claim that this virus has been brought back from Antarctica.  I guess we will never know.

When it was an outbreak with Swine flu, very shortly after, almost immediately when the outbreak started, there was already a vaccine available.

Normally for the development of medical substances such as different medicine, the medical companies do research for many years and the trial period often consists of many years of sharp tests.

Keep in mind the explanation above and try to answer my question.

How is it possible that vaccines for different viruses appear soon after the outbreak? Often the companies which provide these vaccines make billions of dollars in a short period. With the case of swine flu, the governments had to agree even that there will be no further claims about the side effects and damages which usage of drug may cause.

I believe this is a fair question to ask. Don’t you think so? Do you think it is unlikely? Several years ago, the computer virus and worms started to infect all around the world computers.

Many companies came out with antivirus software to fight this digital epidemy. The business blossomed and many companies made lots of money from this business.

From time to time some computer viruses would come out where only one or two antivirus companies hade a solution. People in panic were purchasing other antivirus software.

Some people claim that antivirus companies were involved with hackers and programmers to create new viruses and release them for them to come up with a solution and make money. To be honest it is very feasible. There are many examples in society about this kind of activity to make money.

Please note that I am not accusing all pharmaceutical companies of creating a virus to make money but there are certainly different individuals and group were active in this activity.

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