UFO taking water from the ocean

A strange thing which many people have witnessed these recent years are the tornado-like vortex of water. These vortexes are sucking water from the sea or ocean. in the clip below you will see that UFO taking water from the ocean.

Now when you look at the pictures it looks like a tornado but looks carefully and you will notice that these vortexes are made of water and the water is actually going up.

I personally don’t know any physic law which makes that much of water swim upward. Do you?
The interesting things are that whenever these vortexes are seen, a UFO is around somewhere.  Why do they need water? I don’t know. Are these vortexes actually cause by UFO? I am not 100% certain of that either. What I know it is not natural for water to go against gravitation. That one I am certain of.

If you search for the subject, you will find many videos and pictures.

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UFO taking water from the ocean

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