Can it be that an object exists because we believe that it does?

I had a dream last night

I was standing in the kitchen and my wife asked me to give her a coffee cup. I put together my both hands like I was keeping a coffee cup in my hands. I then thought of a specific coffee cup we hade in the kitchen cabinet and “A similar cup like that appeared in my hands”. I simply “made a coffee cup by thinking about it”. In the dream, my wife got very surprised and somewhat scared. She asked me but how is this possible. I answered. There is no cup.

Can it be that an object exists because we believe that it does? Maybe the existence of an object is based on beliefs, i.e. When we look at an object we expect that object to exist. It simply exists because we believe in it. Of course, I have been influenced by various theories from old Greece and now modern philosophers.

Great philosopher form old Greece time describe the world as a shadow of reality (Platon). In modern time we have theories like Holographic universe.

Maybe at the core, everything around us is a manifestation of energy. At this core, there is no time.  Time and passage of time only come to question when something gets old or changes. We can then measure this change between these two points and set a number on it.

It is strange that film like “The matrix” speaks of some fundamental question of all time. Does the spoon really exist?

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