The mystery around last Russian unmanned mission to Mars. (Phobos incident). What did really happen?

The last unmanned mission to Mars by Russian was surrounded with lots of mystery. This mission includes two spaceships Phobos I and Phobos II. The Soviet Union had decided to study two of Mars moon called Phobos and Deimos.

This was a joint venture between 14 countries, including Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, France, West Germany, and the United States.

The Phobos one was launched on 7 July 1988, unfortunately, this spaceship never arrived at Mars and it was lost on the way but Phobos II which was launched at 12 July 1988 arrived at Mars and took some spectacular pictures from the Phobos and Mars.

At the time, several pictures from this mission made big sensation within the world although not so much in the US.

In one of the photos, Phobos took from the Mars with an inferred camera a shadow was seen. As you can see in the picture below:

The picture shows the hot and somewhat colder area. We can clearly see an area which looks like a flying saucer which is colder than other areas in the pictures.
There is no explanation for this picture after 19 years. Still, we don’t know what the shadow captures in the picture is. (in my opinion, it looks like a fly saucer, but you be the judge).
Another photo which is sensational is a picture of Mars which shows artificial made lakes and cities. I don’t know if these are the right words to describe them, but you be the judge again, what do you see?

The picture is strange, and it looks like an area in Mars which is manmade. I don’t know what it is but whatever it is doesn’t look natural formed.
The last picture Phobos II could take before it “broke down!” and didn’t communicate again is the picture below.
In this picture, we see a cigar-shaped spacecraft which is huge between Mars and Phobos. So, what do we see here? Is the alien ship responsible for Phobos II malfunction? It is not clear. What is clear is, that no one has come with an explanation to these pictures.
Unfortunately, the media coverage for the Phobos mission has not been so wide, maybe because this was a mission done by the Soviet Union or maybe there are some other reasons which I don’t know. Because of this, not so many people have heard about Phobos II incident, but now you know. Give it a like if you like the article and please share with others.

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