The cure for metastasis cancer and chronic diseases. Here is all you need to know about the work of Dr. Erik Enby.

Dr. Erik Enby, very short bio:

Erik Ossian Hugo Enby was born in 12 may 1937 in a town called Karlskrona, in Sweden. As the name indicates he is a medical doctor.  The year 2007 Dr. Enby’s medical License revoked by Hälso- och sjukvårdens ansvarsnämnd (Authority in charge of medical license in Sweden). The motivation behind this decision was that Dr. Enby medical practices for treating his patients were done in a way which is not supported by mainstream science and scientific community. Erik Enby believes that many chronic diseases are caused by microbiological organisms in blood plasma and other bodily fluids.

Although he has been under critic and attack from many scientific communities, he has continued his work and research. There are many testimonies all around the internet about metastasis patients were cured by doctor Enby after few months of treatments.

The root cause in short:

Our bodies are a suitable environment for growth processes. Other lives can grow inside a body and use fluids and tissues as soil. This has been seen in people who suffer from chronic illnesses. The lives, like fungus, thrives and grows its supporting structure as long as there is a favorable environment in the body. The processes of growth are transferred by the bloodstream to other parts of the body.  This often causes the forming of lumps and the result is that blood circulation slowdown. This deteriorates the circulation through all peripheral vascular systems leads to increasing microbiological growth in the organs.

The symptoms which ill person gets depends mostly on where the growth of microbiological organisms is located.

Dr. Enby’s research since the 1970s of different illnesses has been about finding the root cause of illness in body fluid.

He has performed his research trough blood microscopy and he has examined thousands of patients.  His discoveries are controversial but have increased the understanding of the origin and development of the illnesses and made it possible to arrive at a better decision when choosing, what seems to be effective therapies. You can find Dr. Enby’s published research paper in the link below:



1. Dissolving

In chronic illnesses, there is often a high blood viscosity because the red blood corpuscles are more or less clotted to each other. Therefore, the first step of treatment is aimed at diminishing this clotting tendency, in this way enabling the blood to run more freely. This supports optimal circulation throughout the whole body. The traditional blood thinners do not truly dissolve clots. They primarily stop coagulation. Blood clot dissolving can, however, be achieved in other ways with the use of biological methods.

2. Preserving

Once the blood has been dissolved then other therapeutic substances are more efficiently distributed to every part of the body. Preserving substances are added with the use of water that transports these into the body fluids via the stomach and intestines. The preserving substances reach all parts of the body. This is a total treatment since the body fluids are considered a representative of the whole person. This enables greater access to infections in every part of the body. In the same way, it can be said that the entirety of the aquarium is represented by the water in it.

A good example of preserving is that ascorbic acid in jam prevents mold from growing. Since ascorbic acid is the same as vitamin C it is understandable that Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize Winner, recommended that all chronically ill people should take up to 10 grams of vitamin C daily. Maybe he knew that chronic illnesses are caused by infections?

3. Excretion

If the preserving therapy is successful one may expect that the separating mechanisms of the body gradually decrease the number of infections in the tissues through natural bodily excretion processes.

Therapeutic success

Although one can never guarantee therapeutic success, it can be said that Dr. Enby´s methods of treatment seem to have helped many patients including cases that have been considered hopeless in conventional care.


I personally know a case of a patient who did not have any hope of survival. She was cured of metastasis cancer in three months.

How to contact Dr. Enby.
Telephone    +46-31-14 24 14
Cell phone    +46-70-560 91 21
Fax      +46-31-14 06 32

A few words about chronic diseases and profit.

You may think why a person like Dr. Enby is not more known in the world. Let me explain the relationship between chronic disease and profit. Pharmaceutical companies earn a huge amount of their profits thanks to chronic diseases. If a person finds out that he can cure himself with bicarbonate or vitamin C. This income source will decrease or in worse case disappear. I don’t claim that his methods are absolute solution for these problems but the mainstream scientists who are the poppets for lobbyist pharma are not even considering his method or investigating to see if the can cure people in a more efficient way.

Next time you pop up a pill, think about it. Is this the best treatment for your illness? Share this article and you may save someone’s life.

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