New technologies

Not everything alive needs to breathe!

The definition of a living organism is changing. For many years’ scientists believed that for life to exist and evolve, some conditions shall be met, the majority of scientists blindly excepted these conditions and there has been no effort to search for life which doesn’t look the same way we expect but not everything alive needs to breathe. […]


Channeling with divine

Did you ever wonder if there is an answer to the question, “Who am I?” Did you ever wonder what happens when one dies? Did you ever wonder why geniuses were called crazy? Do you know why we are gods? (god with little “g”)? Do you know what is “Time” and why it does not exist? What is different between little gods with negative versus positive polarity? What is the social memory complex, and why not everyone can connect to it? What does the mind/body/spirit complex mean? Can one talk to the divine, and how? Do you know what density is? […]