Aliens and UFO

Cosmic web finally confirmed

Several years ago, I watched a TV series called cosmic disclosure on The series has been removed from I don’t know why. Anyway. Corey Goode, in that show, was talking about his personal experiences in SSP (Secret Space Program). […]

Aliens and UFO

Pentagon finally admits recovering wreckage from UFO crashes.

If you are a person who is active in research in this area, you know that the title is referring to UFO crash all around the US and Mexico. Otherwise, the most significant incident is the Roswell UFO crash. In that incident, the US military first informed the public that a UFO crashed and later changed the information and denied it. So now the Pentagon finally admits recovering wreckage from UFO crashes. […]

New technologies

Laser guns just become a reality!

We all have seen a laser gun; I don’t mean in real life, and I don’t mean laser pointer nor industrial laser. We all have seen these types of weapons in sci-fi movies. Some called it phaser, another laser. No matter what it is called, this weapon shoots a bean as a content stream or a pulse. […]

Things you didn't know

Manhattan project, how to keep a huge secret from public eyes!

By now, I hope you have heard about the SSP (Secret Space program). I have heard many stories and subjects about this program which have come out in recent years, but suddenly it hit me. Could deep state hide such a huge program, i.e., SSP, for so many years, secret? I mean, during all these years, i.e., since 1942, someone must have said something. […]