Stop exporting democracy, stop liberating people

The 2003 invasion of Iraq was the first stage of the Iraq War (also called Operation Iraqi Freedom). Iraqis people were soon liberated. Isn’t funny and ironic to call an invasion of a country by a code like “Operation Iraqi Freedom”.

Now the reader may think I am pro-dictatorship. I assure you that this not the case. In today’s world countries who have enough strong military power can do, anything they desire. These activities are often under the flag of “Defending freedom”, “Liberation” and at last but not least fighting “Terror”.

1789 French revolted against the king. There was no influence from outside, there were no military troops who occupied the country and liberated the people. Everything was initiated by the people and performed by the people of France.

The French Revolution began in 1789 and ended in the late 1790s which resulted in the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte. French people re-designed their country’s political landscape and destroyed the absolute monarchy and the feudal system.

1917 Russian people revolted against Tsarist autocracy and this led to the rise of the Soviet Union. Again, there was no involvement of foreign force, no army was deployed to fight with Tsar’s army and defeat him to help people of Russia.

The American Revolution was different. This Revolution was a colonial revolt (1765 – 1783). The people from Thirteen colonies won independence from Great Britain. This became the birth of the United States of America. Here there was help from France. This help was a political move to weaken the British and establish a foothold in America. Anyhow the revolution was initiated by the people.

In recent years, we have seen many wars, where western countries with the United State as the leader of collation to take action against different countries. They always find an excuse to bring military force and bring a country to its knees.

I ask you as a smart reader, Can one export democracy? Revolutions and freedom fighting’s start when people have reached a maturity where they have realized that they don’t want to be slaves. At that time, the polarity of society is changed toward changes which are desired by the majority of people. This is how a revolution starts. This is how people start a journey toward democracy.

I have not met anyone who does not have an agenda when he says or do something. Are we to believe that western soldiers sacrifice their life for total strangers? I mean even when you say hello to someone, you expect him to respond and say hello to you. (There is always an agenda).

When one speaks about the liberation, he means that a country will be liberated from its own natural resources. The country in question will be liberated from its own sovereignty.

No one can deliver democracy as a package with the help of bullets and bombs. The sad thing is that during these liberations, the population of the country in question is treated as collateral damage. Believe me, people die, houses get destroyed and the country falls back at least 20 years.

Then the liberators offer their help to rebuild the country which didn’t need to be destroyed, to begin with.

The people of these countries who have lost everything then agree to many contracts which are not in the benefits of indigenous people of that country.

The story continues and there are many examples. Unfortunately, people have created a bubble around themselves and with the help mass media, it is not so hard to justify any action as long as one wrap it around a golden wrap paper.

A country which insists on its own sovereignty and does not allow the influence of these cabals faces many obstacles. Often method like sanctions is used to block these countries from progress. It is hard for a person who have not faced difficulties because of sanctions, to imagine what is going on in these countries who are victims of different dirty tricks and sanctions.

If you have a hard time to imagine, let me help you with some example.

A country which is under sanction theoretically can import medicine for people but practically, this is not possible. People who suffer from different illness often stay without medication and in worst-case scenario die.

Hospitals cannot import medical equipment which causes that medical equipment which is broken cannot be replaced. Again, this cause suffering for normal people.

Basically, nothing works as it should.

The main reason for military action against a country in the flag of “Freedom” and “Liberation” is not meant to Liberate poor people under operation. The sad thing is that these soldiers who join these campaigns do believe that they are involved with a positive action where they are willing to pay the ultimate price for other people’s freedom. This is admirable when a person is ready to sacrifice himself for ideology.

The problem is that the deception goes deeper than people could ever imagine. The real agenda is never revealed and no matter what the costs and effects are. The plan is always implemented to satisfy the need for domination and control of the wealth and other nations.

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