Something big will happen soon. Are you prepared?

We are living in strange times.  It feels like the US government is in a quarrel with everyone. There are lots of news every day about President Trump. Some call him a genius and others the biggest idol ever to become the US president.

Economical war is ongoing between the US and China, the US and Europe and finally, many countries are under sanction. Earthquakes, Fire and Hurricanes are getting more and more common. These natural catastrophes are devastating for nations and hunger and poverty are getting more widespread.

In the other hands, strange phenomena are being observed and reported more and more. If you are a person who is somewhat interested in these areas, you can find new news every day of something strange happening.

Unfortunately, no matter how much time and research one put in these, one cannot find a clear answer.

While ago, Europe started to look into the food reserve and prepare for so-called “War or other crises”. Although people are warned openly by the governments around the world. People do seem to take the matter seriously. Below is a headline in BBS news:

Germans told to stockpile food and water for civil defence.

Similarly, The Swedish government has issued a small information publication and has informed people, how to prepare for crises. This has never happened before, at least in Sweden. One starts to wonder, what do they know that we don’t.

I have investigated a lot in this. One thing is clear to me. Something will happen. Below are summery of what I could find in my research:

  1. Military-industrial complex secret program. According to Dr. Greer. This top-secret group, who are even about the president of the US, have on a long time been active and collaborating with Extraterrestrials.  The aim is to create a new world order and they will use any means to achieve their objectives. This group has planned something like an Alien attack. According to Dr. Greer, this group has access to Alien technology and Human-made UFO replica which will fool everyone believing that Alien has indeed attracted the earth. No one how they will achieve this but one of the aims in the world order is to decrease population.
  • Lots of people have a wrong understanding of how our solar system is behaving. When people want to show how planets are orbiting around the Sun, they just draw a circle around a symbol for the Sun. If we want to be more accurate, this is not the case. Our solar system is inside Milky way. This galaxy is not stationary, i.e.Milky way is rotating around its middle point. This gives motion to the stars and planets which are within this galaxy. The point I want to make is that our solar system is not always in the same part of space. This is to the fact that we are not stationary.  To help to understand this better, here is a video: solar system rotation animation . Some people say that we are in the part of the universe which there is a strange influence of the space of Erath. Soon we will reach a point that this influence will totally impact our lives and planet. No one knows what this impact will be.
  • An asteroid will impact the earth. Recently a solar observatory was closed in the US without any explanation. At the same time, 4 other solar observatories around the world were closed (At the same time). The theory is that this observatory hade discovered something and had pictures which wanted to publish. I don’t know really how credible these sources are, but this was another theory.
  • Time is up, and we are going to have full disclosure for UFO and Aliens. UFO researcher claim that something big like 911 will happen.  It doesn’t have to be a catastrophe but something big which will change the course of human history. The closest I can come to something not bad which can change the sources of history is UFO full discloser.

  I am not here to scare you or predict the future. I don’t know what my lunch tomorrow will be, let alone to predict the future but there are many voices around the world who say something is going to happen. I guess all we can do is to wait and see.

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