Scientist found the method to reverse age. you can get younger again!

Since the beginning of the dawn, people at a certain age wished to get younger again. There is no documented case where an aged adult has been younger again that we know of but recently scientist succeeded to reverse the aging process in rat brain stem cells.

There are lots of tips on the internet on how to stay young, plant diet, exercising, meditation, keeping the mind busy and so on. There are however no methods to reverse aging.

People often say, if I could go back to a time or if I could get younger again, I would not repeat the certain mistake and this time I would to things other ways but let’s get honest most people don’t want to die when the time comes. Another thing is that lots of people when there is a question about reverse aging, they wan to get younger but keep the knowledge and information they have intact.

You may think, reverse aging process has been done on rat brain stems, there is a long way to go to reverse aging on the complete human body. We don’t have the technology for it yet. Or do we?

“20-years and back” is a term several whistleblowers have used. Here things get crazy and unbelievable. “20-years and back” refers to SSP recruiting program where the smart brain and qualified people are being recruited by Secret Space Program. This is how it works; a person is being recruited for service and the contract is for 20 years. He has been promised huge sums of money and other benefits after finishing his service. Let’s say hypodactyly a contract is written for a person between 2019 until 2039. He then starts his service in 2019 and the end of his time with the help of some sort of medication and high technological equipment they reverse the age of the person.

You may think this is no so bad, “I would do it” but remember during this time you would not be allowed any contact to earth, family and friends will get informed that you died in an accident or under duty. This is military type service; you may have to do the thing you were never agreed otherwise. Another thing is the let’s face it is SSP and information must be hidden from the public. So, at the end of the service, they will wipe person memory. OK, now we come to the par which is more unbillable. The person is sent back to the time he was recruited. He continues his life without knowing that 20 years of his life has been spending in the service of SSP. Do ask me how this would work timewise. Is there a parallel time he is at the service and he is also down here in earth living his life? I don’t know.

What I want to say int the other hand is that whistleblowers are talking about a coalition who want to provide this information to the public. IS reversing age possible? According to these whistleblowers Corey Goode, Jason Rice and other yes, it is possible, and they are doing it daily.

So next time you hear news dig a little bit deeper to be able to get the complete picture.

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