Pre-Adamites- who were them and when did they inhabit the earth?

The story of Abel and Cain have always awoken a question mark in me. If you for some reason have not heard the story, here comes a short version:

In the Holy Bible is written that firstborn son of Adam and Eve, Abel was murdered by his brother Cain, Cain got angry when the Lord accepted the offering of Abel but not his. In rage Cain murdered Abel and because of that, he was banished by the Lord from the settlement. Cain feared that in his exile he could be killed by anyone, so the Lord gave him a sign for his protection and a promise that if he were killed, he would be avenged sevenfold.

Here is what is getting interesting. Which people was Cain afraid of? If the only people existed at that time was Adam, Eve and their children there was no one else who could harm Cain. As you see, since there was no one else it is strange that Cain needed a signed form Lord for his protection.

Is it possible that pre-adamites existed?

There are groups of people among them conspiracy theorists, alien researchers and more who believe Pre-Adamites existed.

The idea of a pre-Adamite civilization and the discussion about the origin of the human race is to find its roots all the way down 170 AD. During the years many different theories emerged which often result in more research and discussion about the subject.

In early Islam, Jinn has been described as first beings who existed before human, mankind is actually the successor of these being according to early Islam. The fact that Jinn has been mentioned in the Holy Quran makes them pre-Adamites according to Islam.

Even though the belief of Jinn as pre-adamites is generally accepted in Islam, the concept that there were other humans before Adam and Eve is a controversial one.

Recent discoveries and whistleblower

Corey Goode the whistleblower in his blog on Dec 11, 2016 (Link) describes that he had been informed of Antarctica excavations by multiple sources. The information had been revealed to him by a senior officer within a USAF who led a secret space program. The person who Corey has named him as “Sigmund” led a covert mission involving abduction, integration, and debriefing of Goode.

Sigmund who had confirmed Corey’s story about involvement SSP shared some of his knowledge about the Antarctica excavations. The provided information by Sigmund revealed the discovery of a civilization “Pre-Adamites”, who had elongated skulls. This civilization had a high between 3 to 3.7 m.

Three oval-shaped motherships which were around 50 km long have been discovered during the excavations, this indicates that the origin the Pre-Adamites was extraterrestrial. According to Goode, this race arrived at Earth about 55,000 years ago. The Pre-Adamite civilization, at least that portion of it based in Antarctica, had been flash-frozen in a cataclysmic event that had occurred roughly 12,000 years ago.


It is hard to make a definite conclusion of data which is available to the public, but it seems to form the data provided by Holy books and the whistleblowers that there has been some sort of being Human or not before Adam and Eve.

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