Why has insomnia become a big problem in society and what is the cure?-episode 020

Nowadays, almost you cannot find a person who does not have a problem with insomnia. These recent years or actually this recent 20 years, the problem with insomnia has gotten worse every year. Every day people come with new remedies for insomnia. The medical companies are developing every now and then new sleeping medication. People are using different medications to fight sleeping problems more than ever.

I would like to start with myself and share my experiences on this subject. Around a year ago I got a sleeping disorder and by that, I mean insomnia. I was going to bed on time and laying on the bed, but I couldn’t sleep. The eyes were closed but the mind was wandering around. I had a hard time to relax and cool down. […]

Scientists have proven that objective reality doesn’t exist-episode 019

You may wonder, what do I mean by objective reality doesn’t exist? In the quantum world, the observation is subjective and for example, two different observations on the same experiment give a different result and yet both are correct. The particles in the quantum world are at different places at the same time. I know this sounds strange. I mean when you compare with real-life example it would sound crazy.

It is like saying that a glass of water which “is” on the table is somewhere else as well. This sound crazy right? I mean the glass of water is either on the table or somewhere else. It cannot be at two places (or several for that matter) at the same time. This is what is happening in the quantum world. Quantum computers are based on this fact. […]

Earth natural vibration is changing- episode 017

This phenomenon is electromagnetic resonance which is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann. This scientist predicted the earth’s natural frequency 1952, mathematically. These frequencies are extremely low frequencies (ELF). I don’t want to go into the details, but in summary, one can say that earth has a natural frequency. […]

Divine order or random coincidences-episode 016

Have you ever noticed that your actions have a causality? You may think it is obvious that one’s actions have causalities. When one pours down coffee in a cup, the result will be that the cup will be filled with coffee. In this example the result of the action is obvious, but this is not always the case. What I am trying to say is, that sometimes the actions have no clear result. The connection is not visible and obvious. […]

Did you know that Bob Lazar is the first whistleblower who revealed the existence of area 51?Episode 015

Lazar did an interview in May 1989, which was performed by George Knapp on a TV station called KLAS. His face was covered, and he introduced himself as “Dennis”. Lazard revealed his employment in an army base called “S-4”. This was a facility that belonged to area 51. He said the facility was next to Papoose Lake, which is located south of the main Area 51 facility at Groom Lake. […]

Pineal Gland, what is it and what is its function? episode 011

Pineal Gland geometrically is in the center of the brain. It is the size of a pea. It has more blood flow than any other part of the body except the kidney. The cells in the Pineal gland are the same as the retina in the eyes. The ancient Indian call this for the third eye. If you have watched any Indian movie or some Indian ceremony like marriage party, you have surely seen a red-colored dot Indian people place on the forehead right above the nose between two eyes on the forehead. […]

Before no one dared to say anything. Now scientist found a way to travel faster than light! Episode 08

Times are changing and different things are being disclosed, although we are long away from full disclosures. Here and there one finds a piece of news about discoveries. It was not long ago, where no one dared to say anything about faster than light speed after all Einstein said that there is no speed faster than light’s speed. Well, thing changes. Now Scientist found a way to travel faster than light speed. […]

What is the purpose of life and how to live a good life? Episode 07

During complete human history, there have always been questions about our existence. Some people spend the whole their life without asking these questions and some others feel that there must be something more. The first question is who am I? followed by why am I here? And then what is the meaning of life? Finally, everyone wants to know, where am I going to? To solve these questions philosophers have come with some rules and guidelines which are called ethics. Read the article and I will explain some of these to you. I promise it will not be boring. […]

Did our sun turn white? Episode 01

Some people especially those who have not been around so long and by that, I mean, young people will consider the subject very funny and believe all this is nonsense.
To be quite honest, I didn’t believe it to be true at first but as more, I looked around and researched, it appeared to be fact. […]