“People all over this planet for at least 6000 years have influenced by extraterrestrials” William Tompkins.

Who is William Tompkins a short bio:

William Tompkins as a teenager was recruited by the US Navy in their intelligent program because of his brilliant talent for the design of ships. He then worked on advanced technology programs. After Navy, he started his work on highly classified think tank to design advanced weaponry for the aerospace company such as North American Aviation, Northrop and Douglas Aircraft company. William was also involved with Saturn and Apollo space program for NASA.

Before William passed away, he came forward and revealed many years of his involvement with the clandestine program which were much more advanced than designing conventional technology.  During his time William designed many space-faring vehicles for Navy. He performed his task by getting assistance from an alien race called Nordic. Link to the source.

Although William was at the age 90+ his was clear in mind and the reader can witness himself by watching his interview on YouTube and Gaia.com.

William Tompkins claimed incredible things in several interviews he conducts and in his book “Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs, think-tanks, and Nordic secretaries” which were published July 15th, 2016.

According to the William Tompkins People have been influenced by extraterrestrial at least for 6000 years this extraterrestrial is called Draco which is a reptilian race. Every information in schools and universities books have been modified to provide wrong or incomplete information. Essentially every book all around the world contains wrong information. All history books contain lies about earth history. Mathematic and physic books are providing a fraction of knowledge that is available or providing wrong information.

This is a very bold claim from William Tompkins but the information he provides corroborate with information which Corey Goode has been providing in the series of a streaming show called cosmic disclosure.

Please note that I’m neither confirming nor denying what William Tompkins says all I’m doing is retelling the information he has provided to the public.

William Tompkins tells a story about his commanding officer Admiral Rico Bota, who was sending operatives to Nazi Germany for spying and collecting information. these operatives we’re coming back with pictures, drawings, diagrams and information about UFO craft which was built by Nazi Germany. Navy intelligence at that time was collecting this information into their packages which then was provided to different companies for investigation and research. Information about this advanced technology was provided to Nazi Germany by Draco reptilians.

Corey good corroborate that information about physic have been incorrect for example the mathematic that is being used in SSP (Secret space program) speed is hyperdimensional and they are using hyperdimensional models for calculations. The physic here is more in quantum and classical models but SSP is using electro plasmic universe models.

Tompkins claims Germany during the war has already built many extraterrestrial flying objects. These UFOs were built I facilities which were dogged inside mountains. These facilities were mass producing these flying objects. 6 months before the 2nd world war ended all the equipment and ships were moved to Antarctica.

William Tompkins story doesn’t end here and there is more information he provides during these interviews and in his book. I encourage the reader to do research an investigation about William Tompkins background and his claim and make an independent opinion on his own.

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