Norwegian airline does it really worth it?

Nowadays many low budget airlines sell tickets all around the world. They charge for the seat, boarding, and languages. Often when you put together all the cost you can afford a real ticket from a proper airline.

I will share with you my experience from fly with Norwegian airline.  The Norwegian airline is a low budget airline, which is active mostly in Europe, but it also has flights to other parts of the world.

I have traveled several times with this company, and I have hade some good and some bad experiences. When things go well there is no problem, but things don’t go well always. It is then one needs a solid airline to solve the problem swiftly and comfortability for the customers.

In my experience, this is an unorganized company which does not deliver what it promises. The lights are often late and there are no compensations even if you ask for it.

I give you an example:

A while ago, I bought two tickets for my wife’s hometown Sarajevo.  We start our journey happily until we were somewhere above air space in Sarajevo. The plane started descending, of course, there was an announcement from the pilot about landing before the airplane started to descend. All the sudden, while descending, the engine started to roar, and the airplane started to ascent steep.

After several minutes, the pilot announced that because of the fog he can not land the airplane in Sarajevo airport and instead he will land in Belgrade. Of course, these things happen but when we arrived at Belgrade, it was announced that we need to travel back by busses which were arranged by the Norwegian airline, from Belgrade to Sarajevo. For the reader who is not familiar with this part of the world, Belgrade is another country. i.e. we not only didn’t land in our destination town, but we also landed in another country.

Imagine, you pay a ticket to go to the capital of Germany, but the airplane takes you to the capital of France and they tell you to travel from there to your destination by bus.

Back to the story,

There are no good roads between Belgrade and Sarajevo i.e. travel by bus takes somewhere between 6-9 hours. The flight from Sweden to Sarajevo takes in about 2 hours and 40 minutes. Of course, when one pay for the flight ticket, one doesn’t wish to take an additional 9 hours and travel by bus, so we decided to buy airplane tickets from Serbian Airline.

Serbian airline landed in Sarajevo without any problem, it seems that only Norwegian airline pilot had a problem with fog. 

Upon arrival to Sweden, I send a claim and requested a refund for the additional ticket which cost me to travel from Belgrade to Sarajevo but the Norwegian airline claimed that since they already provided me means of transport to Sarajevo, they have no responsibility to refund me for my additional tickets.

Bottom line is that a serious company would treat the customer in a better way. For now, I stuck with Norwegian airline since it is the only airline which has a direct flight to Sarajevo but I am not certain if I would fly again with this company, however in my opinion Norwegian airline is only a glorified bus company and nothing more.  

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