New Battery concept design, an invitation for collaboration

Let me go directly to the point. This article is not as much informative as it is an invitation for collaboration.

It has been a while, where I am sitting on a new battery concept design which has been devised by me several years ago. Unfortunately, I have not been able to make a necessary calculation, simulation or make a prototype as a proof of concept. I simply do not have the time and resources to be able to complete the task.

What is the difference between this new design concept and the batteries which are in the market already?

  • Current batteries which are used in many industries have some problems.
  • The material used for producing batteries are rare and the production impact on the environment is considerable.
  • Heating and danger for fire are one of the biggest problems with current batteries in the market.
  • Charging time has its limitations i.e. if you have a stronger current flow to the battery, charging time will decrease at the same time heat generation will raise and it is a constant struggle to keep a balance between these two factors.
  • The price of producing is considerably high.

In my new battery concept design.

  • Material which is used are common and can easily be acquired from anywhere
  • Heating and overheating have been handled.
  • Very fast charging time.
  • Since the material is common, the price of production is decreased.

The concept is based on Capacitors and what is unique with the design is that leakage in one capacitor is a power source for another one for charging.

Theoretically, when a capacitor in the battery unit loses charge because of leakage, the other one picks it up. The charge then is passed back and forth between different capacitors making the complete unit an efficient battery.

If you work in a company that finds the concept interesting, please contact me

If the design works as intended, we will have far better batteries and I have done my part to contribute to the environment as well as progress in this area.

If you find the article interesting or know that someone else will be interested, feel free to share the article. Thank you for reading and God bless you.

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