Nazca Mummies, do you need more evidence?

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This article is for total unbelievers and skeptics. I am going to talk about some mummies found in the Nazca desert in Peru which will defy all logic. Although these mummies were found in 2017, there has not been much media coverage or no media coverage at all.

What are Nazca Mummies? At the end of 2016, a Tomb raider found several mummified bodies in a cave near the metical Nazca desert. Soon after information about these bodies appeared on the Internet. The people involved tried to involve official government personal to investigate this finding but no government official in Peru acknowledge this finding as authentic mummies.

You may ask what is so special with these bodies? Below there are some pictures of these mummies.

First thing you notice from above bodies that although there are some similarities between a human body and these mummies, they do not look human. The fact is that they are much shorter than the average human. Their hands have only three fingers and feet also have three fingers.

The first question comes to mind is, are these real bodies or they are made of some sort of synthetics material. The answer is that scientists have been able to extract DNA from these bodies. This proves that they are organic. The other fact is that there are no species in DNA bank anywhere in the world which has any record of DNA taken from these bodies. The DNA from these bodies matches only 25% to human bodies. Please note the chimpanzees have a DNA match with a human over 96 %.

X-ray and other medical examinations also show that they have real bones.  The bones are as complex as human bones and cannot be replicated.

One of the small mummies has three objects in her stomach. After a closer look one has discovered that these are eggs. Inside one of these eggs’ scientists have been able to see fetes of some sort of being inside the eggs.

Mainstream archaeologist argues that the person who found the tomb (Actually it was a cave) has no credentials. He is a common thief who stumbled over a great discovery. This argument is total BS. I mean what is different who found the bodies. The fact remains that they are organic, have bones, DNA and all other signs which prove that at one point they have been alive.

Others argue that these are a mutation. For those people I can say, when we talk about human evolution, we can find links in history. These bodies just popped up without any link to anything. Why haven’t we found some earlier species which these being evolved from?

People have even tried to say that these mummies which technically are not mummies, but preserved bodies have been purposely mutilated and hands with three fingers have been attached to bodies.

First of all, even if one attached hands and feet how the f…k they made the body look like that. Remember these are real bodies.

Fortunately, the scientist who investigates the issue took samples from the hands and feet’s and it was matched with the rest of the body.

There is a say which it says. If you look like a duck, walk like a duck and quack like a duck it is probably a duck.

All I want to say is. We have 6 foreign bodies that match no species. There is no background and they are authentic. You can make your own conclusion.

Below there is some more picture and you can find a ton of pictures and a documentary in Gaia about Nazca mummies.

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