Multiplication training got just easier!

Hello guys, As I have written before I am an engineer in mind and an author in the heart. Any way the technical side of me decided to write an app for children who are struggling with multiplication tables. I wrote once a long time ago a similar program for my sons who were small at the time and were practicing multiplication table. The result was great, and they had fun learning.

In this android app, I am giving three choices to the user to choose from one of the choices is, of course, the correct one. If the right answer is chosen, a happy smiley blinks and if the wrong answer is chosen angry smiley blinks. The wrong answer is then marked with red color and the right answer is colored green.

The kid can practice mix table or choose a table to practice. The result of each session and the total result are displayed on another page.

The app is free and available in google play store.

here is how the app looks like: 

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