Is our Sun a portal to other galaxies and stars?

You may find this strange or even crazy. I mean the first problem is that heat from the sun. The current known technology does not have anything which can withstand the sun’s heat, you may think. To be honest the recent Parker Solar Probe managed the sun’s heat quite well.

Although I don’t believe that the technology which was used in this probe is comely available and it comes from Secret Space Program (commonly known as SSP), I do believe even we have the technology to withstand sun’s heat.

OK, now you may think even we could send a probe to the sun where do I get the idea that the sun is a portal to other galaxies and stars.

Many whistleblowers tell stories about the different portal types. Among these different portal types, our sun belongs to a natural portal. (Refer to Time travel, Fact or ….).

If you make a simple search on the internet, you will find many pictures of foreign objects some as big as Jupiter around the sun. I will include some of these pictures at the end of this article.

For a simple-minded person, these are all clichés in the camera for the others who are more inquisitive, the question comes what are all these objects around the sun? where did they come from? Why are all of these objects appear near the sun?.

As I mentioned before, whistleblowers say that all the stars are portals as well. These stars, as well as our sun, are used to travel between galaxies and other stars in a short time. We are talking about instantaneous travel between huge distances through these stars (portals).

Now to answer the question “is our sun a portal to other galaxies and stars?” I should say, I can not present any evidence other than other peoples testimonial and the visual pictures which are taken from these UFOs:s but I do believe there is some sort of truth in it, however, you as a smart reader be the judge.


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