Is loneliness the incurable “disease” in this century?

This subject is painful for many people and calling it a “disease” may cause sore for some people but let’s talk about it and see if we can get some conclusion. Please note that I don’t mean that people who feel lonely have a “disease”, it is an expression I would like to use to explain that loneliness hurts as much as a disease.

People who feel lonely often do not choose loneliness by choice. There are many circumstances and of course, we cannot go through them all, but we investigate some of them.

Let’s start with the teenage. Teenagers often have a busy life and many people around them, but this is not the case for all. Sometimes because of special believe, specific interest, sexual orientation or even diet, teenagers suffer from loneliness. These are a percentage of the majority who become outcast and teased by others. People at this age can be very cruel and do not consider the damage they can cause by their words and action to a human being. The people who are being teased then decide to seek the comfort of silence and empty rum.

They often create an avatar for themselves in different social media. The reason why social media can give a comfortability and please is the anonymity. A person can choose whichever role and character he/ she wishes without being judged directly.  Please do not misunderstand, there are lots of bullies and nasty people in social media but, if you are anonymous and especially if you don’t care what a stranger says, you will not get hurt. It is people close to you who can hurt you the most otherwise a stranger’s opinion is not that important.

People who are bully often are covered; they seem strong whenever they are surrounded by other people who admire them. If they are no audience, they will not behave the way they usually do. The attention they get by bullying someone else is the fuel they use for their actions.

Families often have a hard time to understand these teenagers. Parents complain and want their sons and daughters to change life still and leave the computer and to socialize.

It is hard to change a lifestyle if you don’t have another one to replace it with. Another thing is that a person alone cannot make this lifestyle change on his own. I mean you need people to be able to socialize. Of course, people who can understand what the person is going through.

Now let’s get to adult. Why are so many lonely men and woman in society? (I don’t have statistic but believe me there quite many).

As a young adult we have not shaped full personality, what I mean is that we tolerate many things as a young adult. This is the time one has to find a partner for himself and start his life. As older we get, we shape our personality around our daily life. If we are used to having a cup of coffee as soon as we wake up, then somehow it is hard to change the habit. When habits are built, it is hard to adjust oneself to another person. It is a choice between comfort and adjustment.

An adult relationship is all about compromise. One has to compromise to be able to make life comfortable for his/ her partner. Often, people who start this process late have a hard time to compromise. This is the main reason I believe why people in adult age are lonely. Please note this is my personal opinion and it is not a fact. Others may think differently. I respect another opinion on this subject as well.

Finally, if you know someone, and willing to compromise your habit and comfort to build a relationship, pick up the phone and call him/her. Who knows you may find happiness and cure your loneliness?

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