Is death the final frontier?

In many societies, the subject of death is not discussed so often. It is somehow taboo to bring up the subject in any discussion or any situation. Many people know that they will eventually die but yet everyone has a feeling that death is unreal.

One is always under impression that of course, people die, but it always happens to someone else. The knowledge of mortality is there and yet we behave like immortals. why is that?

unless one is delusional or he has achieved some kind of higher consciousness, he or she knows that death will one day knocks at his door.

I believe the fact that we one day will die, is one of the subjects which people feel so hopeless about it. I mean if I cannot do anything about it, I may as well ignore it. When it comes, it will come. I guess that is one way to handle the situation. I mean if one cannot do anything to prevent it, why should one bother to find a solution.

I believe this way of behaving comes from the fact that most people think that death is the final frontier and unknown.  I mean we are entering the area that there is not so much information about. Another problem is that the information which exists cannot be corroborated or proven in the way we are used to.

Most of the people are afraid of death because they believe they may go to hell. I mean even people who are religious and have strong belief are not sure that they will go to heaven.

From the other side, people who do not have religious beliefs, face the fact that death is the final station (this is a fact for an atheist).

Humans like the continuity and death is the opposite of continuity. For most people, it is the end and they don’t know beyond it.

You may think why do we need to think or talk about death?

I believe if every person would face his mortality. The world would be a better place. If we “really” know that we are mortal, many things we chase during our life will be trivial. A person may instead of investing in his career, would choose another pass in his life. We will behave differently toward each other and we may choose a pass which may guide us to enlightenment. 

There are many theories about life after death. these theories differ between societies and religious beliefs but all of them mainly agree in a few parts.

-There is life after death. Some beliefs point of spiritual life and some to some other form of life.

– After death one is faced with the actions and deeds he has done during his existence. In some beliefs, there is a judgment which will define if one will be rewarded or punished.

-After one has cleared the first part, a person will continue living, either he will be reincarnated or in a spiritual form.

Here I would like to speak about a concept which is based on ancient Egyptians belief (Not exactly but almost).

Ka, which is the life force of a person, at death is separated from him and will join Ba. Ba is the spiritual part of the person which he poses all the knowledge that person has collect during many incarnations he has gone through. (Here I am speaking about re-incarnation).

Each time Ba is rejoined to Ka, Ba would find out about his mistakes and specific parts of his life which were designed to teach him something. i.e. each time Ba is incarnated, he learns. These learning are with the help of series of events which present to him different choices. Depending on the choice’s Ba will choose, he will pass or fails.

This, of course, will be apparent to him when he will join the Ka. (Judgment and facing the errors and mistakes).

During life, if Ka will make the wrong choice, Cosmic karma will see to it that he will face the consequences.

Once when he decides to choose a vessel for incarnation, he will be reincarnated, and the circle will continue until he passes all the gates.

When a person passes all his barriers, he will reach his full consciousness. This is rejoining one and only creator. 

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