Into eternity, A short philosophical story.

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The stars‏ were shining in the sky, the moon seemed to be very big. It was unusual to see the moon that big. It was shining very bright. There was no need for a flashlight or any other source of light to be able to see around.

In the not so far away distance, one could see a fire glowing. The flame of fire was dancing in the dark, the edges fire on the top were going to left and right

The glowing flame thought with himself.

Is it time to turn off the glow? The world has enough light with or without me, he thought.

The flame was happy that he could keep glowing that long. Although his life was not so long, for him the time which had past seemed to be very long. Suddenly one of the firewood which was burning the brightest, ask the glow.

You can not just leave! if you turn off, then what will happen to me. The glow who seemed to be contempt with his decision looked kindly to the firewood and said;

You will have the same destiny as other firewood. You will be there but there will be no glow because there will not be any fire, but you should remember that you also have a finite life and although my being comes from you, you wouldn’t be seen without me. How long you burn depends on your quality, this quality comes from within. The ability or quality will decide how long you can keep helping me to give beautiful light and heat to the surrounding.

When I am gone, you can still burn. This new glow will keep you alive until you can burn a while more, but no wood is meant to live forever.

Remember burning have a purpose. The purpose is to turn to energy. Once you succeeded to turn to the energy you will be immortal, and you continue living forever.

Is my purpose to live forever as energy? The glow answered; yes and no. You will be free to do anything you want. There will be no boundaries. Pain, sadness, and sorrow don’t exist if you understand that your shape is just peace of eternity.

Firewood who looked puzzled, asked.

I don’t understand what eternity is. Can you explain it to me? The glow smiled and said, no one can explain eternity. There are somethings which cannot be thought, one learns them through experience. This means you will know what eternity is once you get there. I can explain to you how the ocean is big, but you will never truly understand until you sail to the ocean by a boat. Once you are there you may still not understand fully but you will at least know more than what you now. Firewood who couldn’t see the wisdom of glow’s talk. He just wanted to burn. He didn’t know any other life. He thought with himself. What else firewood can do except burning.

Glow said. Don’t be worried. If you have quality left to burn, someone will come up and put fire in you, and you will have another glow again.

Glow remembered those glorious nights where he was shining.

It was strange, the burning power was still within the firewood’s, but the glow was getting smaller and smaller. He continued to get smaller until he faded away.

Now the only thing which was left was some half-burned firewood and no fire. Of course, the glow was gone as well.

A day past by and a tried traveler in the cold night gave another glow to the firewood by starting a fire. Firewood knew that they have given most of their energy at the beginning of the first fire and the first glow. They knew the time will come that they too will disappear but not that night.

The traveler brought more firewood and the new glow was proudly shining. The old glow and the firewood soon were forgotten, and nothing was left. This was the way the new firewood and the new fire was thinking.

The old firewood finally turned to ashes. When he opened his eye again, he was not firewood, he was not glowing, he was something else. He turned around and saw the first glow was there to welcome him.

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