Immortal spirits of Eden, only for awakened ones.

In this article, I would like to give some explanations about the books to people who read it and had difficulties.

At first, I would like to mention that this book is not for everyone. As the title indicate the book is written for people who are waking up or are awakened.

There has been some question to me which I will try to answer.

  • What does mean with “Eli could see dead people”.
    • Please note that the book was written before I read the law of one. The dead people are referring to a group of people who are awakened. This by no means that these people are zombies. The term is more spiritual. The fact is when a person is awakened, his former personality and believes are dead. Although the person is alive, he is not the same person before “wakening”. This dead to old beliefs and ideas is a newborn so in a sense, you could call the newborn as well. I hope this will clarify somewhat. Again, to fully understand the book, one has to be mature enough.
  • Why Eli have difficulty with daily activities?
    • Here you need to know a little bit of background information. I believe that everything is made of vibrations. This is not a theory I got own my own. The belief and this fact were revealed to me after lots of research and investigation. Different objects and people have different vibrations (frequencies). Some vibrations have a positive impact and some negative. i.e. some vibration is pleasant and some other unpleasant.  For example, a pyramid-shaped object which has a dimension where the sum of the bases is 1.16 bigger than the height of the pyramid has some specific influence on a human. The usage of this type of pyramid is good, but the exposure shall be between 20-30 minutes.
    • For example, the healing crystal also is used because of their radiation and the positive impact they have on a human.
    • With this background, you can understand that Eli can feel these radiations from the vibrated object around him. This was causing Eli had difficulties with daily activities.
  • Is Immortal spirits of Eden a religious book?
    • I agree that the title may be a bit misleading, but the Immortal spirits of Eden is not a religious book. The book depicts philosophical ideas as symbols. To be able fully to appreciate the book, one should have some understanding of physical life illusion.
  • When will the second part be published?
    • I have had a difficult period where I have not been able to write the second part of Immortal spirits of Eden, but I am working on it. Unfortunately, I cannot give an exact time when I will be done with it.
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With all humbleness, all love you all and I thank you all for your support.

My book, the immortal spirits of Eden can be purchase in amazon all around the world. Unfortunately, the book is only available in the English language.

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