Before no one dared to say anything. Now scientist found a way to travel faster than light!

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Times are changing and different things are being disclosed, although we are long away from full disclosures. Here and there one finds a piece of news about discoveries. It was not long ago, where no one dared to say anything about faster than light speed after all Einstein said that there is no speed faster than light’s speed. Well, thing changes. Now Scientist found a way to travel faster than light speed.

Many whistleblowers have come forward and said that we already possess the technology to travel faster than light. It was hard to believe these people. No one came with a spaceship in the middle of the famous square in a country to show his spaceship and “actually” showed that his spaceship can go faster than light’s speed. Naturally, people had a hard time to believe.

Some people are saying if aliens exist, they cannot visit us because of vast distances in space. I would like to give you an example. If 100 years ago, someone would come and claim that traveling around the earth in one day is possible, everyone would laugh at him. Yes, even 50 years ago, this claim would be considered crazy. this was not possible. Nowadays you can purchase an airplane ticket and fly around the earth in a short time. If you have a dedicated airplane, you can even travel in one day.

What does this tell us?

It shows that things we thought were not possible, are possible today. People who have a lack of imagination, have always a hard time to see what will happen in the future. I do not say that it is easy, but we should stop to use the word “impossible”. After all, what is not possible today may be possible tomorrow or close future. Here I would like to retell a historical sentence from IBM’s manager and computers in the future. Thomas Watson, president of IBM, 1943 said: “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.”. We know today that this is not correct. People often refer to this as a wrong prediction, but I would like to call it lack of imagination.

Let’s go on with the news. (Link if you wish to read details.)

“In the paper, entitled ‘Traversable wormholes in four dimensions’, Princeton Physicists Juan Maldacena, Alexey Milekhin, and Fedor Popov declared: “We have constructed a traversable wormhole solution in four dimensions.””.

How does it work? Well, many scientists had theorized that one can use a wormhole to jump from one position in space to another one, but no one had worked out the science behind it.

 According to, ‘Traversable wormholes in four dimensions’, theoretically, this is done by placing a magnetic charge around the exterior of a black hole. However, scientists are not sure what is on the other side of the wormhole or what will happen to an object which enters the wormhole.

Now, does this means that we will travel in space tomorrow through wormholes? Or if we believe the whistleblower, the SSP is already doing this today.

I don’t say one or the other. All I am saying is to have an open mind and try to think with an open mind. One has to read in between the lines when news comes out and draw own conclusions. We have to start to question things and be critical to the news we hear from mainstream media.

These are the question you should ask when you hear something:

  1. What is the agenda behind the news? Is it to inform about something? Is it to mislead? Is it to take attention from something else?
  2. Who benefits of the news? Is it provided without getting any benefits?
  3. Does it have credentials?
  4. Are there some other people with credentials who say the same thing?

If you can not find the alternative motive behind the news, the person who is providing the news not only do not benefits he loses something in the process and has credentials, that is probably true news.

Nowadays, all kind of news comes out. If you apply these four questions and have a critical mind. You will be able to separate much fake news or news with alternative motive from the crowed. Any way. If you like the article, please share it. If you have something to say, submit an article

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