Government official confirms the existence of extra-terrestrials

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Many times, we see people talking about extra-terrestrials and their existence. Often these are ordinary people. Of course, there are many other people with a big title like Ph.D. and Dr. who claim the existence of extra-terrestrials as well. In this article, I have collected some government official who confirms that UFOs and aliens are real.

It is not every day a government official admits this kind of things, Often, they are tricked or somehow forced to admit the truth. In other cases, these people willingly go to the public and inform the public of their knowledge. The subject is controversial and often these government officials provide this information after leaving their post in the government.

I start with Russian prime minister; Dmitry Medvedev the Prime minister of Russia, talks about aliens being on Earth. In an interview when Medvedev thought that interview was finished and the camera was off, upon the question from the reporter starts revealing information. Below is the exact conversation:

reporter: Mr. Prime minster, you know everything, Have Aliens visited the earth?

Medvedev: I tell you for the first and the last time. Together with the nuclear suitcase, the president (MR. Putin) brings folders – Top secret, it is entirely devoted to the stranger (visitors) who visited our planet. The report is provided by special service which handles the control of aliens in our country. After management term (end of presidential period). Two folders and a nuclear suitcase are transferred to the new president.

Medvedev knows this well since he has been the president of Russia as well, i.e. he was Russian president between 2008-2012.

Medvedev continues:

You can receive more detailed information, having watched the chronicle documentary film of the same name: “Men in black”

Reporter: Ooh you, how many?

Medvedev: How many of them among us, I can’t tell because the panic will begin.

During the whole interview, the reporter is smiling and laughing but you can the Medvedev is quite serious.

Since YouTube has a nasty habit of removing things, I have uploaded the interview to own server. Below is the actual interview, if you would like to see.

The second official government is from Canada. Paul Hellyer, former defense minister of Canada, talks freely about the existence of Aliens among us. He has so many YouTube videos that, it is hard to miss them. He confirms that UFOs are real, and Aliens exist among us. He confirms that many governments around the world and as well as the US government are in contact with Aliens.

In an interview, he gave some example of the source of his information. He claims, during the cold war 1961, a fleet of UFOs in formations, fly south from Russia across Europe, the supreme ally commander was very concerned, he was ready to press the panic button, but these UFOs turned around and went to the north pole. The allies then decided to make an investigation. The investigation took three years and the conclusion was absolute certainty that at least four Aliens species have been visiting the earth for thousands of years.   

Above are only some example for government official confirming the existence of UFOs and Aliens. They certainly have credentials and have been in a position to get this information.

I don’t see why they should claim such things because after all most people are going to ridicule them and besides losing credential in official matters, they have a lot to lose.

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