Environmental hypocrisy has no boundary!

There is a talk over environment and the impact of plastic and cars.  Let’s get this clear. The fact that humans are killing mother nature and destroying the environment is clear as a day. This is a fact. I am neither denying, nor have I anything against actions which help to mend the damage we have caused to the environment but many actions which is taken in the name of environment has nothing to do with it. This is just another way to raise tax on hardworking people who are dependent on services and transport.

I give you an example.

A while ago in Sweden all the shops and warehouses decided to save the environment from plastic and no longer provide plastic bags. This is quite understandable and is a good action but instead of providing customers with paper bags they decided to sell the plastic bag to the customer. So, this means if the plastic bag is free for the customers, it is bad for environment but if you pay for it then there is no problem. If one objects to this fact, then one is worse than Hitler and one is being marked as a person who hate the environment. To be politically correct, you have to nod your head and admire this action which going to save nature!

Another example.

The Swedish government raise taxes more and more on the fuel for cars. They claim that this is good for you know what. My question is, does this means that a person who need to use his car because of lousy public connection, is going to stop to do that? The answer is no, he will use his car anyway. I am not driving less in spite of the price of fuel. You may ask why? The answer is simple, I needed to drive. Raising the price will only make things more expensive and more income for the government. My question is. In which way this can help mending the environment?

In general, Sweden has an impact on the environment in a global diagram, less than 0.001%. in the other hand countries like United state, China and India are having big impact.

It is not strange that in countries like US, V8 engines are so popular. The price of gasoline in US is 2.54 $/ gallon. This means that is US people pay 0,66 $ /liter while here in Europe we pay 1.85 $ /liter.

The worse thing is that the money which is collected through high tax on cars emission and fuel are not used to mend the environment or find renewable energy.

These recent years, we have seen “clean” electric cars are running around and everyone loves them. There is however another side of this coin which no one shows. The CO2 emission for mining these rare metals which are used to make the battery and the production of for these cars are very high. In the other hand short life cycle of these cars have considerable impact to the environment. Another problem is that these precious metals are finite and eventually we will run out of them. In short, electric cars are good but we need better.  

I don’t believe that the solution to the environmental problem is that we all should move to the forest and live on the top of the trees. Instead we need investment on renewable energy. It is time for smart people to take charge and take real actions to save our beautiful planet by discovering new technologies. If we take real action which matters instead of raising tax and spending the money on God knows what we will save the planet. So, to all those hypocrite politicians who use the environment as an excuse to raise tax, I say, find people who really care and take real action.

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