Did our sun turn white?

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Some people especially those who have not been around so long and by that, I mean, young people will consider the subject very funny and believe all this is nonsense.
To be quite honest, I didn’t believe it to be true at first but as more, I looked around and researched, it appeared to be fact.

  • Check any kids drawing from 20 years ago. Everyone was painting the sun yellow. The fact that our sun had a yellow color was shown in every painting, no matter if it was a skillful artist who was painting or a small child. Everybody was painting the sun yellow.
  • I remember as a kid that sun was yellow and other stars were shining white. There are many old pictures of the sun taken some years ago and the sun is yellow in all of them.

Do a bit research and if you are old enough to remember, think about it. You will be surprised. Of course, I don’t claim that I am an expert, The change of the sun’s color may be due to atmospheric changes i.e. It is maybe still yellow but because of atmospheric changes, it appears to be white. (Which I highly doubt it)   

The fact that the sun has turned white is undoubtedly true in my mind but then the next question is what is happening to our sun?

Recently Nasa sent a probe to the sun (Parker Solar Probe). Since the beginning of the space program, no one even thought to send a probe to the sun. The sun was there and was doing its job. All of our interest was aimed at other planets in our solar system. Do you ever wonder why suddenly now, NASA sends a probe to sun?

According to whistleblower Corey Goode, we are passing through a part of a space with a dense crowd of some sort of particle s which affect the earth, the sun, and people on earth. (Please note that planets are orbiting around the sun and the complete solar system is also moving in space as part of our galaxy).

Although I found this person very believable, I do not want to go into other information he provides at this time. However, I found that other people also claim that something is happening to our sun.  Just do a search on the internet and write “What is happening to the sun”, you will find endless information about the sun status and temperature change and so on.

What is curious is the effect of the particular which Corey talk on humans. In recent years, people are going through a transformation, myself included. Just look around yourself, many people change their diet to a vegetarian diet. Many suffer from depression and other phycological unbalances. Majority of people are getting more open in UFO discussion. People’s eyes are getting opened and their minds start to wonder.  News about different discovery and disclosures are spreading like never before.

Anyway, I am not here to tell you what is happening to our sun. I don’t want to offer scientific data or make any analysis. All I want is that the reader of this article opens his/her eyes and start a journey of his/her own.

If you like the article, please share, lets more people open their eyes and start question things. I promise you, I do not gain or lose anything if more people read the article. I just want to do my share.

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