Cube-like UFO spotted near Sun.

If you have read my blog regarding earth size object near sun 1, 2, you already know that something strange is happening around our Sun.

Recently, SOHO has captured an object which looks like a cube near the sun. This object has been seen on two occasions.  I don’t claim that it is the same object, nor I am sure if it is an alien spacecraft but shape of it reminds of few episodes of Star Trek next generation. Just to remind you. Star Trek next generation was a Sci-Fi series which was broadcast on TV in the 80’s. The series was made between 1987-1994. In several episodes, the crew of  Enterprise captain Picard encountered a hostile alien race called the Borgs.
Now here comes to the similarity. The ship which this advanced alien race was using were shaped like Cube and their only mission was to dominate and assimilated another race. I certainly hope that the cube object seen near our Sun is not a Borg ship :), but it looks like it and it reminds.

What is so fascinating is that these objects can get so close to the sun. if you don’t mind the heat, still it is a matter of gravitation near sun which is 274 m/s² (Compare this with earth 9,807 m/s²). The gravitation force near the sun is 27.9 times bigger than earth. You surely have seen one or two launches of a spaceship from earth. The fuel weight for each shuttle is around 113 tons (226,000 pounds), this is 20 times more than the weight of the shuttle. If you consider an object like the cube near the Sun which is serval times bigger than earth, how much fuel and which power it is needed to go away from the Sun. In the Picture above, you see a picture of the object, which looks like a dot on the top the Sun. on the right side, the zoomed picture shows you the shape of the object.

the object was seen again near the Sun and this time on the right side.

Whatever this object is, it is massive. It is really scary to think that there are civilizations who are capable to make planet size spaceship. (If this is the case).

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