How do people go to the state of trans and connect to higher dimensions?

Through the history of humanity different groups of people have claimed that they are in contact with higher dimensions and different entities from other worlds. Often these connections are done in the state of trans. So, the first question is how do people go to trans? and the second question is who are these entities which are communicating with these people during trans and meditation.

If you think about it, many holy people and prophets if they were living nowadays and they would claim that they are in contact with God or other holy entities they would be locked into an instituted and would be pumped with medications.

Nicola Tesla although brilliant inventor, was referred to as a crazy scientist because of his claim that he received messages from other entities.

I would like to start with shamans and holy people from the past. Still today we can find people in African and Indian American tribes who have the role of a shaman or a holy person. Of course, this is not only limited to shamans or holy persons. People with all possible different backgrounds, races, and gender have been claiming this ability.

To begin these people are often very spiritual. They do not care much about the material world and the physical illusion around them is unimportant. We see many cases of this type in Tibet and in India where they have achieved a level where they can only with the power of will make contact. This achievement has been acquired through years of meditation and thinking. These are unrestful “souls” which have to find an answer. They search vigorously with every chance they get to find answers to their questions. They perceive to be enlightened.  

Many mystics and meditators belong to this group. They have chosen meditation as a tool to achieve trans and higher stats and with that they get communication. This method although very good is for people who have a better understanding of physical illusion. There are however other methods to achieve a state of trans which is not recommendable. Nevertheless, I will mention it here but please keep in mind I do not recommend it, nor I advertise for it.

The use of psychedelic (which contains DMT, Dimethyltryptamine) is another way to go to a state of consciousness and visions. This is especially useful for people who are very much attached to the physical illusion (daily life) and they have a hard time understanding reality and world beyond the physical one. The most known plant and vegetation are Amanita muscaria mushrooms or Psilocybin mushrooms which contain DMT. Many people claim that with the help of these mushrooms they have achieved visions and state of consciousness.

There is another group of people who often claim mysterious and strange things. These are people with a different state of psychosis. Some theories say that these people are naturally going to trans and state of consciousness. At the same time, these kinds of people are in a constant state of trans which is, of course, a problem since they are living in real life.  According to The Law of one, each of us is part of God.

The Theory is that these people are connected to higher entities and they remember the life beyond the physical illusion. Of course, this doesn’t mean that in the state they are, the would be able to do over natural things.

In general, according to the law of one, you can contact two different types of entities. Positive Polarity or negative polarity. (Please refer to the Law of one for more information).

A person in the state of meditation or trans can get messages from positive or negative polarity entities. The type of message he receives, however, determines which polarity of an entity he is connected to. Please note that positive or negative polarity is not referring to good or evil. Think of it as two sides of a magnet.

If the messages are demining and making you afraid or sad these messages are from negative polarity. If on the other hand messages are positive and with love, they are from positive polarity.

According to the law of on, to decline messages from negative polarity, you have to send love and happiness to the sender and then decline. The reason you have to send love and happiness is that the sender then will lose some polarity and do not wish to communicate longer, on the other hand, if the sender is accepting the message of love and happiness from your side, he is from positive polarity. (Please refer to the Law of one for more information).

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