Seriously, What the heck is time?

When one mentions time, people immediately imagine a clock. Passing hours and minutes which defines by numbers and identifiers often referred to as time. Well, for most people this definition is enough. I often think and try to make sense of time. I mean, energy often cannot be seen directly, most of the time we observe the effect of energy. We cannot see electricity but the light which is generated by electricity is proof that it is there but seriously, What the heck is time? […]


Believe it or not, the universe is neither flat nor is it infinite!

Ok, now I am in deep water, as far as everyone considers the universe is infinite and flat. How come do I claim that the universe is not flat? You may think, I am out of my mind or this is just another BS. The first time I heard about the bubble universe was in an alleged interview with a reptilian called Lacerta. After that, I came to contact another source called The Law of One which spoke about multi universes and multi-dimensions. This was before any other scientist in mainstream come up with the multi-universe. […]

Bubble universe

An interview with a humanoid reptilian. (Lacerta files).

In this article, I will try to make a summery of a long interview with a reptilian who claimed to be of earth origin. Please note, no matter if the interview is real. I found the interview very fascinating. Although the interview has not been authenticated as real one, there are no indications that it is false either. […]