Daily life

“Same, same but different”?

Have you ever thought what does it means when people say “Same, same but different”? If you are confused or have not heard this sentence let me elaborate. Sometimes you want to say that two things are different, but they are the same at the same time. A red flower and yellow flower are different even if they are from the same species. (example red/yellow/white roses) […]

Health and cure

Did you know that there is a patent for Coronavirus from 2015!

Some people have a hard time believing that there is research being done on different viruses. Whenever you mention this person object and say that this just a paramania. In this article, I would like to present some sources who claim that covid-19 is a man-made and tailored disease. You will get information and link about a patent for Coronavirus and other information. […]


Seriously, What the heck is time?

When one mentions time, people immediately imagine a clock. Passing hours and minutes which defines by numbers and identifiers often referred to as time. Well, for most people this definition is enough. I often think and try to make sense of time. I mean, energy often cannot be seen directly, most of the time we observe the effect of energy. We cannot see electricity but the light which is generated by electricity is proof that it is there but seriously, What the heck is time? […]

Health and cure

What is a coronavirus and where did it come from?!

There are many articles and links on the Internet about this virus, one can find detailed information about what is a coronavirus and what are the symptoms. Here I would like to explain it in simple words. coronavirus is some sort of flu virus in simple words. The symptoms are similar to the flue and when it gets worth. The way it disables the body is the same as pneumonia. […]


What is the UFO giggle factor and why?

Have you noticed that whenever someone mentions UFO or some UFO-related subject, there is always some giggle is involved? People giggle. The subject is taboo. It is taboo to discuss the subject publicly. It is taboo to research. Let’s be honest, if a UFO would publicly land on the middle Stockholm, It would hardly be the strangest thing we have seen. […]

Objects around the sun

Levitating sand phased out of our reality and enters another reality.

One of the whistleblowers claimed that a race of alien who wished to explore the universe in a more efficient way than sling shut around the stars and using the cosmic web, build the biggest spaceship they could around their sun. What is interesting about this spaceship is that by using quantum state is moving around the universe in a split of a microsecond. Thankfully this is a peaceful race even though they have the most advanced weaponry in this spaceship which is using the power of the sun which is within it. […]


Believe it or not, the universe is neither flat nor is it infinite!

Ok, now I am in deep water, as far as everyone considers the universe is infinite and flat. How come do I claim that the universe is not flat? You may think, I am out of my mind or this is just another BS. The first time I heard about the bubble universe was in an alleged interview with a reptilian called Lacerta. After that, I came to contact another source called The Law of One which spoke about multi universes and multi-dimensions. This was before any other scientist in mainstream come up with the multi-universe. […]


People who claim incredible things! Part 1

In many articles and podcast episodes, I have mentioned: “according to whistleblowers”. To clarify who these whistleblowers are and what do they say, I am writing this article (a making a podcast). These are the people who claim incredible things. There are many people out there who believe these claims are true. My personal opinion does not matter much on this subject. Furthermore, I neither confirm these claims nor decline. I believe it is up to every person to make a judgment call and decide for himself. […]


Pineal Gland, what is it and what is its function?

Pineal Gland geometrically is in the center of the brain. It is the size of a pea. It has more blood flow than any other part of the body except the kidney. The cells in the Pineal gland are the same as the retina in the eyes. The ancient Indian call this for the third eye. If you have watched any Indian movie or some Indian ceremony like marriage party, you have surely seen a red-colored dot Indian people place on the forehead right above the nose between two eyes on the forehead. […]

Strange and mysterious

Nazca Mummies, do you need more evidence?

This article is for total unbelievers and skeptics. I am going to talk about some mummies found in the Nazca desert in Peru which will defy all logic. Although these mummies were found in 2017, there has not been much media coverage or no media coverage at all. […]


Before no one dared to say anything. Now scientist found a way to travel faster than light!

Times are changing and different things are being disclosed, although we are long away from full disclosures. Here and there one finds a piece of news about discoveries. It was not long ago, where no one dared to say anything about faster than light speed after all Einstein said that there is no speed faster than light’s speed. Well, thing changes. Now Scientist found a way to travel faster than light speed. […]

Strange and mysterious

The mysterious Philadelphia Experiment: truth or fiction?

On October 28, 1943, in the midst of World War II, the greatest military secret of all time was developed in Philadelphia’s shipyards: a warship became invisible to radar and human sight and appeared hundreds of miles away. Or at least many people firmly believe it, and some even say they have proof of it. Did the Philadelphia Experiment really happen or is it all part of conspiracy theories? Join me to find out! […]


Laser gun just become a reality!

We all have seen a laser gun; I don’t mean in real life and I don’t mean laser pointer nor industrial laser. We all have seen these types of weapon in sci-fi movies. Some called it phaser another laser. No matter what it is called, this is a weapon which shoots a bean as a content stream or a pulse. […]


Did you know that Bob Lazar is the first whistleblower who revealed the existence of area 51?

Lazar did an interview on May 1989, which was performed by George Knapp on TV station called KLAS. His face was covered, and he introduced himself as “Dennis”. Lazard revealed his employment in an army base called “S-4”. This was a facility which belonged to area 51. He said the facility was next to Papoose Lake, which is located south of the main Area 51 facility at Groom Lake. […]

Strange and mysterious

Amazing UFO clips all around the world!

I have collected some amazing UFO clips and I just couldn’t keep all of them in a folder and not share.
All of the clips have been taken by mobile phones and people who took the footage are non-professional. I found one of the clips particularly interesting because you can clearly see an object (very big) hover in the sky. […]


EmDrive doesn’t make sense!

First, let’s start with a little background. The original idea behind the design is a radio frequency (RF) resonant cavity thruster. This engine is also known as an EmDrive. The design is a concept for a thruster that is was introduced in 2001 by Roger Shawyer. He claimed that EmDrive can produce thrust by reflecting microwaves internally in the device. This is against that law of conservation of momentum which says if an object is stationary, it will remain stationary until a force is applied to it. […]

Strange and mysterious

UFO and aliens, where are the evidence?

I am getting lots of feedback from people who would like to know why I am not writing more about the Aliens and strange things that are happening all around us. The point is that all of us have seen many strange lights of things we can not explain. There are even clear pictures and movies of flying objects which clearly defy every law of physic. The problem is that if a person doesn’t believe, no matter how many pictures and strange things you show him, he is going to find some excuses to decline it. It is either CGI or some light tricks and so on. I am asking you, how many pictures or movies do you need to be convinced? The fact is that even if you see one phenomenon which you cannot explain, it should be enough for you to start thinking. […]

Fundamental questions

it is all about vibrations and frequency.

A great Greek philosopher gave an example of the nature of reality which is subjective. In his example, a man is chained inside a cave whit his back toward the entrance. fire reflect the shadow of people who are passing in front of the wall in front of this man. […]

Objects around the sun

Did our sun turn white?

Some people especially those who have not been around so long and by that, I mean, young people will consider the subject very funny and believe all this is nonsense.
To be quite honest, I didn’t believe it to be true at first but as more, I looked around and researched, it appeared to be fact. […]


Cube-like UFO spotted near Sun.

Recently, SOHO has captured an object which looks like a cube near the sun. This object has been seen on two occasions. I don’t claim that it is the same object, nor I am sure if it is an alien spacecraft but shape of it reminds of few episodes of Star Trek next generation. Just to remind you. Star Trek next generation was a Sci-Fi series which was broadcast on TV in the 80’s. The series was made between 1987-1994. In several episodes, the crow of the captain Picard encountered a hostile alien race called the Borgs. […]

Objects around the sun

What really happened in Nuremberg, Germany 1561?

There different explanation to the celestial phenomena over Nuremberg, Germany 14 April 1561. The phenomena were published and illustrated in the newspaper at that time.
People saw huge metallic object in the sky between 5-6 o’clock in the morning. The writer of article has tried to illustrate how these objects looked like. (As it is shown in included picture in this article). […]


A mothership who is refueling from the sun

Knock knock.  Who is there? A mothership A mothership who? A mothership who is refueling form the sun.
This was not a funny joke indeed. Something is happening to solar activities on the surface of our sun. Solar activities and solar picks are declining fast. This is a fact that many scientists agree on. No matter which method of observation you choose. The result is the same […]