Strange and mysterious

Does one want a Rainbow body?

To understand this question, first, you have to know the concept of a rainbow body. Id a person mediated for 12 years and so, and during these meditations, all he has is pure thoughts, then he can turn his body to energy. The released energy looks like a rainbow hence a rainbow body. I don’t wish to explain the rainbow body as a concept, but I have some thoughts around it that I will share. If you wish to know about the concept, search for “Rainbow body Tibet” or “Rainbow body Tibetian Buddhism.” […]


There is something mystical with water

First time I heard something strange about the water was in a documentary. The documentary’s title, which is freely available on youtube, is “Water Has Memory! Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment!” The documentary is about 2 hours and 44 minutes, but it is well worth watching. Besides this one, I have heard in other places from different people about water memory. […]

Things you didn't know

It is all about domination.

By now everyone is aware a little virus which is going around and causing all sort of trouble. In the beginning, it was called coronavirus. As time passed, the name changed to COVID-19, and finally, nowadays, this virus is called covid-sars 1 and covid-sars 2. So if your memory is refreshed, I want to disclose something with you and explain why it is all about domination. […]

Things you didn't know

The universe is logos.

The reader here who is familiar with the law of one understands the term Logos in this discussion; however, if you are not familiar with this term, I will give you a background. The word logos comes from Greek, which means “word.”. In the theological discussion, this word means God. It refers to a higher order. […]

Things you didn't know

We face a conspiracy on a global scale

It is hard to write over an over about a subject and not see any result. Some people just refuse to see the facts about the issue. These people do not wish to wake up a see the bigger picture. In this article, I will present as many facts as possible to prove that we face a conspiracy on a global scale. This conspiracy is about COVID-19. […]

New technologies

What are Quantum entanglement and parallel realities?

I am excited about this article, and I do not know why because it is so simple. If you are one of those who can only read the theory presented by a Ph.D., you will be disappointed because I do not have one but tell you something about “theories.” No matter who comes up with a theory, it is only a theory according to our current way of looking for proof. General Relativity theory is also a theory; otherwise, they would call it general relativity Law. […]