Things you didn't know

We face a conspiracy on a global scale

It is hard to write over an over about a subject and not see any result. Some people just refuse to see the facts about the issue. These people do not wish to wake up a see the bigger picture. In this article, I will present as many facts as possible to prove that we face a conspiracy on a global scale. This conspiracy is about COVID-19. […]

New technologies

What are Quantum entanglement and parallel realities?

I am excited about this article, and I do not know why because it is so simple. If you are one of those who can only read the theory presented by a Ph.D., you will be disappointed because I do not have one but tell you something about “theories.” No matter who comes up with a theory, it is only a theory according to our current way of looking for proof. General Relativity theory is also a theory; otherwise, they would call it general relativity Law. […]

Things you didn't know

Manhattan project, how to keep a huge secret from public eyes!

By now, I hope you have heard about the SSP (Secret Space program). I have heard many stories and subjects about this program which have come out in recent years, but suddenly it hit me. Could deep state hide such a huge program, i.e., SSP, for so many years, secret? I mean, during all these years, i.e., since 1942, someone must have said something. […]