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Why Visa!

We are living in the world of connection and communication, although many countries have difficulties to communicate with each other this is not the same for families and relatives. It is not strange that a person lives in one part of the world and the family lives another part of the world. My question is Why Visa! […]


Dictatorship in the cloth of democracy. Wake up!

In our civilized society, we have left much decision for our politicians. The politician, on the other hand, declared people incompetence for making any decisions in their life. This is shown by all different laws which regulate everything in our lives. This is dictatorship in the cloth of democracy. […]

Daily life

Looking for a control freak society with big brother organization!

Many societies are going toward a big brother organization and monitor citizens 24/7. Often when we talk about the big brother organization people are picturing a society full of cameras where everything is monitored. Although this is a common way to monitor citizens of a country, it is not the only way. There are many ways of collecting information and monitoring without people are reacting to it.
A society like Sweden, which is built-in big brother Principals is one example of such a society. It is not unfair to say that society is a control freak society where people are so much monitored, and behaviors and freedom have been limited by so many laws that people no longer react. I mean people are used to it. […]

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Are taxations an accepted form of slavery!!!?

Most humans are social creatures and like to live in a society. As soon as society is formed there is a need for laws and law enforcement and services for the community. Let’s face it, no one likes a bully to come and send him or his family out of his home. There is another occasion where law enforcement is necessary as well. Services like education, government machinery, healthcare, and social welfare are other services which society provides to members of the community […]

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The cure for metastasis cancer and chronic diseases. Here is all you need to know about the work of Dr. Erik Enby.

Erik Ossian Hugo Enby was born in 12 may 1937 in a town called Karlskrona, in Sweden. As the name indicates he is a medical doctor. The year 2007 Dr. Enby’s medical License revoked by Hälso- och sjukvårdens ansvarsnämnd (Authority in charge of medical license in Sweden). The motivation behind this decision was that Dr. Enby medical practices for treating his patients were done in a way which is not supported by mainstream science and scientific community. Erik Enby believes that many chronic diseases are caused by microbiological organisms in blood plasma and other bodily fluids. […]

Daily life

What is the cure to Envy?

A subject which has always made me think twice when I speak or take an action is envy. Any time I want to talk something good going in my life, I have to make a pause and think twice because the person I talk to maybe envy and feel bad. […]