Quantum logic vs. binary logic in daily life

I start with an example. Let say we think about the color of milk. We can use our knowledge about drinking milk and conclude that the color is either white or not. If it is white, then it is milk. Here we consider the color of the milk only and do not think about the taste. So if a liquid is not white, we can easily conclude that it is not milk. Of course, the color of a liquid could be white and still not milk, so this additional structure is needed to conclude correctly, i.e., we need the tase as well. […]


I humbly offer a cure for depression

Depression is one of the diseases in the 20th century that has affected many people. First, I would like to describe what depression is and what the signs are and offer several points to the people who have problems with this disease. I mean, life has its ups and downs, and one should not mistake depression with feeling blue. […]


Depression, Why am I constantly depressed?

People show a different reaction in different situations. A person who is always happy or has no worries, although there is nothing wrong with it, that person does not experience other feelings well, such as sadness, and so on. Is it good never to get angry? Is it good to be always happy? Can I be sad on command? […]

Strange and mysterious

Does one want a Rainbow body?

To understand this question, first, you have to know the concept of a rainbow body. Id a person mediated for 12 years and so, and during these meditations, all he has is pure thoughts, then he can turn his body to energy. The released energy looks like a rainbow hence a rainbow body. I don’t wish to explain the rainbow body as a concept, but I have some thoughts around it that I will share. If you wish to know about the concept, search for “Rainbow body Tibet” or “Rainbow body Tibetian Buddhism.” […]


What is Karma, and how to stop it?

I have written several articles explaining Karma, but I would like to explain a previously discussed concept. I mean, I have not introduced the concept of inertia in my blog. Karma is often introduced as balance. The fact that Karma is balance is correct, but yet something is missing. […]


There is something mystical with water

First time I heard something strange about the water was in a documentary. The documentary’s title, which is freely available on youtube, is “Water Has Memory! Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment!” The documentary is about 2 hours and 44 minutes, but it is well worth watching. Besides this one, I have heard in other places from different people about water memory. […]