Social issues

Facebook opium of society.

At the time Facebook came out in 2004, most people considered it as an international forum. Many people who lost touch with their friends got another way to contact people from the past. It was great at the beginning; the aim was to keep in touch. […]


Depression, Why am I constantly depressed?

People show a different reaction in different situations. A person who is always happy or has no worries, although there is nothing wrong with it, that person does not experience other feelings well, such as sadness, and so on. Is it good never to get angry? Is it good to be always happy? Can I be sad on command? […]

Social issues

Dictatorship in the cloth of democracy, Wake up!

In our civilized society, we have left much decision for our politicians. The politician, on the other hand, declared people incompetence for making any decisions in their life. This act is shown by all different laws which regulate everything in our lives. This behavior is a dictatorship in the cloth of democracy. […]

Social issues

Environmental hypocrisy has no boundary!

There is talk over the environment and the impact of plastic and cars. Let’s get this clear. The fact that humans are killing mother nature and destroying the environment is clear as a day. This is a fact. I am neither denying nor have anything against actions tha […]