Fundamental questions

Does unconditional love exist? Near dead experience

Often when we speak about love, we are referring to two people have strong feelings about each other. I don’t want to go deeper into this and offer different analysis on the subject and so on. The angle which I would like to speak of is not a romantic angle rather a philosophical and spiritual one. Often when love is given, a feeling of love is expected i.e. there is a condition. The question is, does unconditional love exist? […]


What is enlightenment? what people mean by “awakening”?

Nowadays in many places, people talk about enlightenment and awakening. To be honest, these words are used for almost everything but today I would like to clarify, what do these two words mean.
First, I would like to say that I do not consider myself a person who has achieved enlightenment. With all humbleness all is happening to me is that I am “waking up”. Humanity is in a deep sleep and people need to wake up. This awakening should be in all areas. This includes political awareness, spiritual presence, nature of life and to be, creation and religion and so on. […]

Fundamental questions

Reflecting life

This is a short poem I have written with the inspiration from The LAW OF ONE.
This poem has deep meaning and I believe the only people who are able to really enjoy it are those who have studied this philosophical book […]

Fundamental questions

How do people go to the state of trans and connect to higher dimensions?

Through the history of humanity different groups of people have claimed that they are in contact with higher dimensions and different entities from other worlds. Often these connections are done in the state of trans. So, the first question is how do people go to trans? and the second question is who are these entities which are communicating with these people during trans and meditation. […]

Fundamental questions

Sadhguru vs The Law Of One

Recently I accidentally got to know a great guru called Sadhguru. It is hard to describe him. He is not a holy person like other religious figures. He doesn’t speak or advertise for any religion. He is a person who had been mediating whole his life and through this life experience and meditation, he has achieved serenity and peaceful mind. He is a yogi and mystic. If you wish to know what a yogi is, please do a bit of research on the Internet. The main topic of this article is not about meditation or yogi. I will, however, compare some of Sadguru’s teaching to the law of one. […]

Fundamental questions

Divine order or random coincidences.

Have you ever noticed that your actions have a causality? You may think it is obvious that one’s actions have causalities. When one pours down coffee in a cup, the result will be that the cup will be filled with coffee. In this example the result of the action is obvious, but this is not always the case. What I am trying to say is, that sometimes the actions have no clear result. The connection is not visible and obvious. […]

Fundamental questions

What is the purpose of life and how to live a good life?

During complete human history, there have always been questions about our existence. Some people spend the whole their life without asking these questions and some others feel that there must be something more. The first question is who am I? followed by why am I here? And then what is the meaning of life? Finally, everyone wants to know, where am I going to? To solve these questions philosophers have come with some rules and guidelines which are called ethics. Read the article and I will explain some of these to you. I promise it will not be boring. […]


What is cosmic karma in simple words?

In many occasions the word cosmic karma is used, many people know more or else what is karma but not so many know the meaning of cosmic karma. The idea is that our actions have karmic causalities. This means that what we do matter and we may get benefit or action may have downsides in our lives. […]


Our consciousness has an influence on our physical surrounding. You don’t believe it, read this article

There have been many studies both scientific and nonscientific on the issue. Basically, the experiment is very simple, one subject, for example, three similar flowers to three different emotions for a long period. To the one of the follower plant, one radiated love through the wording, the second one ignores, and the third one hate emotions are being subjected through words. […]


Earth natural vibration is changing

This phenomenon is electromagnetic resonance which is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann. This scientist predicted the earth natural frequency 1952, mathematically. These frequencies are extremely low frequencies (ELF). I don’t want to go into the details, but in summary, one can say that earth has a natural frequency. […]

Daily life

The cure for metastasis cancer and chronic diseases. Here is all you need to know about the work of Dr. Erik Enby.

Erik Ossian Hugo Enby was born in 12 may 1937 in a town called Karlskrona, in Sweden. As the name indicates he is a medical doctor. The year 2007 Dr. Enby’s medical License revoked by Hälso- och sjukvårdens ansvarsnämnd (Authority in charge of medical license in Sweden). The motivation behind this decision was that Dr. Enby medical practices for treating his patients were done in a way which is not supported by mainstream science and scientific community. Erik Enby believes that many chronic diseases are caused by microbiological organisms in blood plasma and other bodily fluids. […]

Fundamental questions

it is all about vibrations and frequency.

A great Greek philosopher gave an example of the nature of reality which is subjective. In his example, a man is chained inside a cave whit his back toward the entrance. fire reflect the shadow of people who are passing in front of the wall in front of this man. […]