New technologies

Rogue planet or spaceship?

What is a rogue planet? Normally every planet is orbiting around a star and keeps this orbit, but astronomers have found many rogue planets that don’t seem to be orbiting any stars and floating free in space. In 2011, astronomers found ten rogues. Each planet is around Jupiter’s size. […]

Things you didn't know

We face a conspiracy on a global scale

It is hard to write over an over about a subject and not see any result. Some people just refuse to see the facts about the issue. These people do not wish to wake up a see the bigger picture. In this article, I will present as many facts as possible to prove that we face a conspiracy on a global scale. This conspiracy is about COVID-19. […]


Sharpen your perception

If you are a person who regularly visits this site to hate me or maybe to get comfort, you may think. “This is just great; now, the title does not make any sense anymore.” I am sorry that I create confusion. That is not my intent. I am trying to wake up a sense of deeper understanding in you. You have to start to read in between lines. You have to sharpen your perception and start seeing things differently. […]

New technologies

New Discovery in the quantum field where two Large objects are in Quantum Entanglement

Quantum entanglement between two particles is not something new. By now, everyone has heard about quantum entanglement. Einstein referred to this phenomenon as a ‘spooky action at a distance,’ he believed the relationship had more to do with a lack of knowledge than anything truly bizarre. However, until now, this relationship was observed in particles of the same type and same size. […]

New technologies

Laser guns just become a reality!

We all have seen a laser gun; I don’t mean in real life, and I don’t mean laser pointer nor industrial laser. We all have seen these types of weapons in sci-fi movies. Some called it phaser, another laser. No matter what it is called, this weapon shoots a bean as a content stream or a pulse. […]

New technologies

What are Quantum entanglement and parallel realities?

I am excited about this article, and I do not know why because it is so simple. If you are one of those who can only read the theory presented by a Ph.D., you will be disappointed because I do not have one but tell you something about “theories.” No matter who comes up with a theory, it is only a theory according to our current way of looking for proof. General Relativity theory is also a theory; otherwise, they would call it general relativity Law. […]


Is Life a game?

Since the dawn of humankind, people have played games. These games were in a different form, and often people who participate in these games had a good time, but when the time came, there was no problem with quite a game. When the computer age started, different games were moved into the internet. New computer games were invented, but these were not the only games that were invented. […]


Why God cannot be more than one and must be infinite.

God’s first quality is infinity. This can be logically proven. If God was not infinite, then in some other part of existence, maybe another God who has been from the beginning. Since there is not enough space for two queens in one castle, it is logical to assume that a war would start between two Gods. We have many examples of this in Greek mythology. Below I will describe the title “Why God cannot be more than one and must be infinite. […]