Social issues

Why has insomnia become a big problem in society, and what is the cure?

Nowadays, almost you cannot find a person who does not have a problem with insomnia. These recent years or actually this recent 20 years, insomnia has gotten worse every year. Every day people come with new remedies for insomnia. The medical companies are developing now and then a new sleeping medication. People are using different medications to fight sleeping problems more than ever. […]

New technologies

Why is” big bang” difficult to understand-A scientific theory

It is kind of fun that after the television series the big bang theory, whenever we mention the big bang theory, we must define which one we are talking about. The theory is difficult enough, and it is good that some fun is related to it. Here I am not going to talk about the big bang theory of the television series, and I want to talk about why is “big bang” difficult to understand-A scientific theory. […]

Social issues

Why Visa!

We are living in a world of connection and communication; although many countries have difficulties communicating with each other, this is not the same for families and relatives. It is not strange that a person lives in one part of the world, and the family lives another part of the world. My question is, Why Visa! […]

Social issues

What is the cure to envy?

A subject which has always made me think twice when I speak or take action is envy. Any time I want to talk about something good going in my life, I have to take a pause and think twice because the person I talk to maybe envy and feel bad. […]

Things you didn't know

Seriously, What the heck is Time?

When one mentions Time, people immediately imagine a clock. Passing hours and minutes, which defines by numbers and identifiers, these are often referred to as Time. Well, for most people, this definition is enough. I often think and try to make sense of Time. I mean, energy often cannot be seen directly; most of the time, we observe the effect of energy. We cannot see electricity, but the light which is generated by electricity is proof that it is there, but seriously, What the heck is Time? […]

Strange and mysterious

We are getting cooler and live longer!

You wonder what do I mean with “We are getting cooler”? Human body temperature has dropped some degrees in the last century. Scientists, after some research, have found out that normal body temperature is no longer 37 degrees Celsius. There have been studies that indicate that between the current world population, there will be some who will live as long as 150 years. […]

Aliens and UFO

Aliens agenda

To discuss the alien agenda, we first have to agree (or believe) that aliens exist. This article is not about making you believe that alien exists (my personal opinion aside). It is merely an idea about what would be their agenda if they exist and if they are visiting earth. […]