Are taxations an accepted form of slavery!!!?

Most humans are social creatures and like to live in a society. As soon as society is formed there is a need for laws and law enforcement and services for the community. Let’s face it, no one likes a bully to come and send him or his family out of his home. There is another occasion where law enforcement is necessary as well. Services like education, government machinery, healthcare, and social welfare are other services which society provides to members of the community. All these services cost. People who keep society running and provide services cost money for society.

Another thing which I want to clarify is that I am not against taxes. It is the amount of the taxes which I would like to elaborate on. Here in Sweden, we pay around 29%-34% taxes. If that was all it would still be acceptable somehow but there are employer taxes, values added taxes and “taxes on values added taxes”. Yes, you heard it right, taxes on taxes.

When one count everything, one concludes that more than 50% of earnings go to different taxes. Do society services need to collect 50 % of someone’s earning?

Let’s look at it differently. We work 5 days a week and if you consider that 2,5 days of our work goes to the government then it could be considered as forced labor. i.e. one works 2,5 days a week for free.  Is this a form of slavery? I don’t know but one certainly cannot decline and say that he doesn’t want to work for free.

In the US is even worse than this, one pays almost the same amount of taxes without getting back anything. I mean no free healthcare and other services like here in Europe. That is even harder for me to understand. I mean for taxes which were paid society should provide some services.

Not paying taxes considered to be one of the most serious crime, all around the world. I mean in some countries tax crimes are punished more strictly than for example murder.

Here in Sweden if you embezzle let’s say hypothetically 1 million dollars you will go to prison for at least 15 years. On the other hand, if you kill someone you may get as less as 5 years in prison (Of course it depends on circumstances).

Now let’s look at it this way. A person has to work half of his life for free.  Do we get from the society same value back?

Finally, people should pay tax to keep society and government running, but the percentage of earning which should go for taxes should be equal to the services one gets. Do you agree?

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