Amazing UFO clips all around the world!

I have collected some amazing UFO clips and I just couldn’t keep all of them in a folder and not share.
All of the clips have been taken by mobile phones and people who took the footage are non-professional. I found one of the clips particularly interesting because you can clearly see an object (very big) hover in the sky.

Many Thanks to twitter account: @multistagecorre

In this first clip, you will see a UFO which is hovering over or seaside, it looks like a donut. After while hover it comes down closer to the water and it disappears. I could not conclude if it disappears because they stop filming, or it just vanishes. Very interesting footage. It is hard to say how big is the vessel. You be the judge.

UFO in the sky very visible

The next footage is actually a picture. It doesn’t look like an airplane. What do you think?

UFO in a cloudy sky

The next footage is showing three UFO:s in a triangle formation hovering in the sky. It is hard to say because there is a type of UFO:s which is tringle shape and has three lights under. the problem is that type has bigger lights under. The UOs are hovering in the dark sky and slowly moving. You can hear in the background the person who is taking the footage is baffled over the footage himself.

Triangled formation UFO:s

The next footage is really strange. The footage is taken from outer space or maybe from ISS space station. You see an object like a boomerang hovering and passing by. The first time I saw the clip I didn’t notice it. What the hell is it? what do you think? It is hard to say the size of the object since there is no reference point to compare. If it is a big object it has a strange way of propagation in space. I can not figure this one out. Any ideas?

The next video clip is very very strange. I don’t know hat is it I am seeing. A person is reading an object in the sky which looks like a worm, It is a thick red kind of line in which the head is moving to left and right. After a while, the line gets to two pieces. The other line moves away from the first one and moves freely in the sky. I have never seen anything like it. What is it? I mean per definition it is a UFO, I mean unidentified flying object but WOW.

The above were some of the video clips which I wanted to share with you today. I have several more which I will publish if I notice there is an interest for this kind of material. in the end, I hope you were as much amazed by the footage as I.

If you like the article, don’t be shy, share it. Don’t worry, those who think you are strange will not judge you more for sharing it. remember there are those who have an openminded about the subject and will appreciate it.

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