If you are here, you have found something interesting to read (I hope that is the reason).
The issues I write about are not about the current fashion in cloth or recent gossip. If you want to know what is happing about Kardashian or any other celebrity, you will be disappointed because you will not find it here.

The issues I write about are more about the spiritual content of life. What we often ignore to think about. I also write about UFO: s, ET: s and current discoveries. I simply talk about the things others don’t want to.

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I would like to believe, what I write is making a difference in people’s lives, but I am not here to claim that I know everything. I don’t want to convince anyone about anything. What each person will do with the information and how he/she will proceed, is up to the individual.

The subject I write about are materials for a deep thinker. Everyone possesses a brain and can think and conclude his own conclusion. Own research and further studies of each subject are important.

I do not claim, I know everything.
I do not claim, I am a saint.
I do not claim, I am smarter than others.
I do not claim, I have high moral values and others don’t.