Planet Nibiru, doomsdays scenarios about planet X

The are lots of references and doomsdays scenarios about planet Nibiru or planet X. The purpose of this article is giving you a brief summary about this subject. The reader of course should do further studies and collect more advance in order to accept the notion or decline it.

The idea was first introduced by Nancy Lieder at 1995. Lieder claimed to be a contactee which receives messages from an extraterrestrial race from Zeta Reticuli star system. According to lieder, she was chosen to warn humanity of catastrophe in our solar system. She spoke about a huge sized planet which will crash into earth or pass by near earth which will cause a pole shift.

People who believe in planet X present lots of arguments to prove this believe, however the strongest scientific argument comes in the form of planetary orbits around the sun. The calculations show that a gravity of an unknown planets is affecting the orbits of the all planet around the sun. it seems without this extra gravity, the orbits of all the planet would be different. Up to day, we don’t know where the source of this extra gravitation is.

Official report from NASA is that no such a planet exists. Many researches have been done to find planet X but main stream scientists are somewhat cautious to speak about the subject. This is due to the fear of being ridiculed by other main stream scientists.

There have been many doomsdays prophecy which have not come true. (Obviously, we are still here). As to date still people providing date and prophecy when this doomsday is going to happen.

In the year 2017 and beginning of the 2018 many people claim that planet X is at range and can be seen by naked eyes or light telescopes. Many pictures appear on internet which claim showing planet X.

The features of planet X is unknown, some people say that this planet is a dark planet and it is as big as size of Jupiter and It orbits around our sun proximately every 3000 years or so. This is the main reason why it is so hard to find this planet.

Personally, I believe if the planet X with that size was as close to earth, where one could observe it by naked eyes, its gravitational effect would be so visible that everyone would know something is wrong.

Another thing is that today many amateur astronomers are aiming their telescopes in daily basis to the heaven. If such a huge planet was around or near the earth, there would be so many evidences which denying this planet would be impossible.

Everything you can find about this planet on internet are based of myths and believes. The only this which is fact, is that we cannot explain the planetary orbits around the sun without additional gravitational effect from some other source. This maybe a planet of if you would like to run your imagination wild, it can be many other things. You may find many other reasons for this extra gravitational effect.

I cannot say for certain that Planet X or Nibiru doesn’t exist, but I can say that I have not found definitive answers weather this planet exist or not.

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