Remote viewing how-to, step by step guide.

If you do not know what remote viewing is, please refer to the article Remote viewing, sensing the unseen target with the power of the mindFirst I would like to mention that I am no expert in the area at all. The instruction which I provide below is a summary of the investigation I have done in this subject.

This is remote viewing how-to, step by step guide:

To start a remote viewing session should be done by two people. A person who will be the controller and another one who actually will do the remote viewing session. Before the session starts, you should already know who has which responsibility.

1- The controller should choose a few targets and write down these on a piece of paper. These targets can be different places, people, etc.

2- Each target should be placed in a different envelope and a coordinate should be written on each envelope. Please note that with coordinate, it means a unique number which can identify the target. This can be any number.

3-The session starts with a silence environment. The controller should not speak.

4- Remote viewer should lay comfortable on a bed och on a sofa. Here we have to differentiate between the images which brain produces. These are with noises and are not ESP signals. Unfortunately, this is both hard to explain and also hard to differentiate between the real signal and white noises. By more practices, one gets more skillful and in the beginning, it will be more white noises from the brain. In general, if you can picture the target exactly, this is not Esp.

The remote viewer should get perception from the target without its own physical sensory. i.e you feel that target is hard, soft, it is made of stone or you see movement etc.

5- Remote viewer, write notes of his session. This can be in written form or paintings.

6- Controller compare the notes and the remote viewer’s testimony.

7- Another session is started with the different target.

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