Are we all Racists, more or less?

There is lots of discussion about political structure in Europe and what is happening with political parties on the far right.

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These parties are advancing to the front in several countries such as Germany, UK, Denmark, and Sweden.
I would like first to define what the word racist means and who is it referring to.

The dictionary defines the word racist as follow:

a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

Can it be that all people, to make relations easier, place people in their surrounding, at a different level? Are we all Racists, more or less? If you see a person different than you concerning education,  experience, knowledge. You feel that the person in question does not match the qualities which you feel makes you a unique person so you place him in a level below yourself.  For example, that person is not as educated as you or if you are a person who believes having a good job is defining you, if that person doesn’t have a job which you respect, you place him a level below yours. I don’t know if this way of thinking is racist or not, but I believe most of the people behave this way. We don’t consider all the people on the same level as us.  Of course, a person can always educate himself or get a better job.

This way of thinking gets racist when you have a prejudice against another race of people without knowing anything about them. Baseless information and myths about different culture and people combined with ignorant people without knowledge create racism. Lots of people in the US complain that Mexican steal their jobs. Recently I was watching a comedian who was saying:” I don’t believe the biggest wish for a father (in the US) is for his son to grow up and to be able to pick up apples”. I myself have other examples. I don’t believe a Swedish father’s highest wish is for his son/daughter is to grow up and to work in a pizza restaurant. (No offense to these jobs, I have full respect for both).

The majority of immigrants in different countries are having simple jobs and working hard. These are the cab drivers, bus drivers, etc.

The lucky and educated ones who enter into different organizations as doctors, engineers, and university teachers stay in the same positions for years without the possibility to climb to a higher position. Immigrant are chosen in different political parties not as a representative but as a poppet for a party to “Show” that they are not racist. To go to the top and acquire a high position is a task that no so many succeed. Somewhere at the top of different organizations, the phycological condition (hidden racism) of the people who assign position will create a barrier which makes it hard for none native to climb to the top in these organizations. (I’ll admit some immigrants succeed anyway, but they are few).

So, if immigrants don’t take high positions and natives don’t want to pick apples or drive a taxi why all of these racisms you may ask?

I believe most of the racism comes from ignorance. The people who are racist, simply don’t know any better because they don’t possess knowledge about other cultures but this is doesn’t cover all the racists. Some of the racism comes by deliberate agenda to turn people for different reason. These reasons are political, economic, religious etc.

However, whatever the reasons are and in whichever form it appears, racism is one of the most disgusting forms of behavior in the society.

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