What is the orientation of the majority of humans? Positive or negative?

What is the orientation of the majority of humans? Positive or negative?

I got this question in my mind, and I started to think. Are we different people comparing for 500 years ago or not?

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Many would say that we are the same. We still kill and do atrocities worldwide. But if we look at the percentage, some fewer people are doing these acts than the majority. I remember how cruel people were toward animals. A guard dog could be chain for weeks and days in one place, and no one would react. Before, cruelty was not only on humans but also on animals. The animals were hunted and tortured for pleasure and fun. We are still hunting and killing animals, but the majority have enforced some laws, so at least it is regulated. Fortunately, humans are not hunted anymore. Nowadays, we are more kind toward animals, and humanity has stepped one step further in development.

If we look at humanity’s situation from the beginning until now, you will notice that we have not been dealt good cards to play. You may think that I am complaining about the creation and specifically the creation of the earth. Your guess would be correct, but I am not complaining and somewhat analyzing why we are the way we are.

Imagine there was no need to defend self on the planet. I mean, humans would not need to defend themselves against dangerous animals. Would we then create some primitive weapon to defend ourselves? We needed to defend against different dangerous animals contributing to humanity’s violence and attraction toward war and destruction. This basic need made it easier for people with negative orientation to start dominant and control other people. The urge for power started many wars.

The fact that humanity needed to defend itself against dangerous animals was the first raw deal we got.

The second problem, which was a major contribution toward unbalance and harmony during society’s natural growth, was the incarnation of other planetary entities on the planet earth. It is like a crash between third densities being which are in different octaves. (for more information about this subject, refer to the law of one).

In the third-density, we have many octaves. There are infinite octaves in one density. If there is harmony between incarnated people on the planet, the adjustment and development will be easier. Think of it like different colors are mixing. Suppose the color red is dominant, then all colors’ total radiation is somewhat oriented toward red. Mixing colors is the way how different nuances are made. Theoretically, there are infinite nuances of color red or green. Infinite nuances are not limited to these two colors and expand themselves to all colors. The color example could be a good example to show different octaves in one density.

Anyway, hope can be seen in the sky, and the birds of peace have started to sing. I do not remember where I got this information, but 57% of the earth’s population consists of “wanderers.” Wanderers are entities that are of higher density. For some reason, these entities often decided to incarnate in the earth because they want to help harmonize the planetary orientation. This harmonizing helps that transition to the next density will happen smoothly and with somewhat speed.

If you look at the odds, there is more than a 50% chance that you are a wanderer. And if we are more subjective about it, humanity has got better than 500 years ago.

People are kinder and in the service of others. In my mind, there is no doubt that the major orientation in the earth is toward positive, and the number is rising.

I want to claim that we have built a social memory complex. No matter a primitive one but symbolically, we can call the internet and the age of communication for social memory complex. In this flow, we are sharing information and mimicking a social memory complex. There is still a long way to reach a real one, but we are on the way.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article, and I hope you liked it. If you liked the article, share it with someone who you care about. I leave you in the light and love of the one infinite creator.

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