Quantum logic vs. binary logic in daily life

I start with an example. Let say we think about the color of milk. We can use our knowledge about drinking milk and conclude that the color is either white or not. If it is white, then it is milk. Here we consider the color of the milk only and do not think about the taste. So if a liquid is not white, we can easily conclude that it is not milk. Of course, the color of a liquid could be white and still not milk, so this additional structure is needed to conclude correctly, i.e., we need the tase as well. […]


Why David Wilcock took time off?

Many times, our interest in our idol or people who we care about takes a wrong turn. We often ignore the privacy of others and intrude on other people’s lives who we care about. If we were all connected to a social memory complex, this would not matter because there are no hidden agendas or information. Everything is available for everyone. […]