The visibility of Hyades cluster stars is blocked.

The visibility of Hyades cluster stars is blocked.

The title sounds very strange, and I admit that I got surprised when I read an article about it. How can a complete cluster of stars disappear in the sky? In the article, so-called scientists claim that this may be due to a black hole ten times bigger than our Sun devoured these stars.

Here is a video link to the article:

Suppose you wonder how Hyades cluster looks like. Here is a picture of the Hyades cluster:

I am no scientist, and I do not claim that what I say is a fact but imagine your hand, if you will, keep it in front of the Sun and see that it will disappear. It is really like a game one plays with small children. Isn’t it more plausible to say that something like one big spaceship has blocked the cluster than blackhole has devoured them?

If you think about it, there are no possibilities that such a big spaceship exists that it is a big as many light years big. I claim that we do not need a spaceship many light-years big to cover the cluster. What is important is the distance between these clusters and the spaceship relative to earth. It is like a hand that covers the Sun. We do not need a hand that is as big as the Sun to block it. The blocked cluster means that the specific ship is very close to the earth.

If you think about it, this is not a new phenomenon. Our moon, which is many times smaller than our Sun, can block the Sun in a specific position.

I have written the story I want to tell you prior in one of my articles, but I will repeat it. I saw an interview with one of the whistleblowers who have a military position in the SSP; he claimed a race of peaceful aliens who covered a sun like a Dyson sphere and made a spaceship. It means that spaceship was built around the Sun. This Sun was used as an engine to jump; These jumps were done with quantum displacement, and they could travel with one big spaceship anywhere they wished in an instance.

The fact that an object is invisible is nothing new. The spaceship around our Sun that was so-called refueling from it was also invisible. Just search “mothership is refueling from the sun,” and you will get the result. If it didn’t work on, search in

Here is a link to the article I wrote about it:

I know that I sound like a nut, but the possibility that some object has blocked the cluster is more than a black hole has destroyed them.

These are all “wow” signs. The purpose is to WOW people, and then they start to think. We are the sleeping people who do not believe anything other than visible/physical evidence. The problem is even then; we do not believe them.

I want to tell you about something which is happening since 2020, and I am not talking about the pandemic. The strange metal monolith appears worldwide, which no one has any explanation of where they come from and what these monoliths mean?

Here is the first one which appeared in Utah:

From the US to Romania and all over the world, these monoliths are spread. What is the purpose? Where are they coming from? Why mainstream media do not talk about it. The claim that mainstream media do not talk about it is not completely accurate. They mentioned it once or twice, and then everyone left it alone.

The mainstream manifest is that if they can not explain or mainstream scientists can not explain it, they will not report it.

Whoever comes out with a question and asks why, is called a conspiracy theorist; I mean, the theory about the Hyades cluster, which I present right now, is as valid as the theory about black hole devouring all the stars or even just one star.

They are called scientists, and I am probably called a conspiracy nut. It is extremely tiresome to see people denying their own eyes. Just type UFO on Instagram, and you will see many examples of unidentified flying objects in the sky and around the earth. I do not know why it is so hard for people and why they deny what they see.

There is a tremendous amount of evidence from pictures, video clips, and testimony worldwide. Even the US government officials published several films about strange object flying, and people still do not believe.

Here I would like to explain that I do not intend to make you believe in what I say. All I am saying is investigate and find it on your own.

Here I would like to show you what US official has published:

The video clip is taken from a helicopter or a fighter jet. This fact is unimportant. What is important is that they are showing an object flying much faster than any airplane and have a hard time keeping the object in the frame. The pilots were talking about the object, and they do not know what it is.

Here is a link to the video:

Here is another link to another video:

I don’t know about you, but this simple video clip should raise your interest if you are tired of cat and dog clips on Youtube and Facebook.

Does the fact that strange monoliths are around 87 until now make a difference for you? Do you get interested?

Anyway. As I wrote above, I do not wish you to change your mind because of this article but get curious and investigate. Try to put many hours of surfing on the internet to good use and collect some information. This will help you to understand where we are going and what will happen.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article, and I hope you liked it. If you liked the article, share it with someone who you care about. I leave you in the light and love of the one infinite creator.

Here is a link to my book:

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