Scientists found hidden Structures inside Earth’s Core

Scientists found hidden Structures inside Earth’s Core

I want to tell you why this new information is significant. Traditionally we believed that Earth has four layers. The crust, the mantle, the outer core, and the inner core. The inner core is believed to be more than 5000 degrees Celsius. This inner core is 1% of Earth’s total volume.

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I will put a link to the related article at the end of this article. What is important is that we know truly little about the Earth. The problem is that often scientists talk about the Earth’s layers like they know all the facts. This discovery shows that we still do not know.

The above information helps me describe that Earth is like a honeycomb, and civilizations live inside the Earth.

The article I wrote in named an interview with a humanoid reptilian explains this. A reptilian entity called Lacerta (which means lizard) contacts two-person and gives interviews on two occasions. However, no one has been able to verify Lacerta Files. The conversation and information that have been provided are remarkably interesting. Why I mention this article here is that Lacerta claimed that its people are living inside the Earth. I have confirmed several parts of the interview that I keep to myself; however, there is a claim from Lacerta about a race of aliens that are so powerful who can destroy Earth only by the power of their will (or power of the mind if you prefer)

These entities are called RA (RAA) and belong to RA’s social memory complex. I have written about these entities in my book, channeling with divine-from sane to insane by one chakra. (The first chapter of the book is available in my blog,

These are the 6th density beings who are responsible for helping us to graduate to the next density.

Other sources, such as Corey Goode and Emery Smith, claim that Earth is like a honeycomb. Both Corey and Emery claim that they have been inside the Earth and have encountered beings. Corey, on many occasions, explained that a race called Anshar is living in this honeycomb, and he has on several occasions met these people.

As time passes, science catches up to this information, and we learn more and more. The problem is that there is not any middle ground.  Any information which does not match the current science is declined.

At the same time, science has reached a point where it can no longer explain many things without referring to spirituality and mysticism.

I give you an example, mystics, especially in India when they meditate, can stop their heart, restart it and come back to “life,” Which cannot be explained by any science. This sort of information is deprecated and ignored because they do not understand. In general, anything scientists cannot explain is ignored, like it does not exist, For example, the Pyramid of Egypt. There is a mountain of evidence that shows that the pyramid could not be built with primitive tools, but archeologists ignore this information, and because of that, there is no progress. Even nowadays, if we want to build it, we will have a big problem, and huge resources should be gathered.

I am saying that there are many things we do not know, but unfortunately, the mainstream scientists arrogance do not understand this fact.


In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article, and I hope you liked it. If you liked the article, share it with someone who you care about. I leave you in the light and love of the one infinite creator.

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