Machine learning theory and AI how does it work?

Machine learning theory and AI how does it work?

These two concepts have a small borderline and are usually mixed. Often Machine learning is mistaken for AI. I want to offer my understanding of these two and conditions for creating AI.

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There are many machines designed to learn in our daily life but there not necessarily AI. It is hard to compare this with human evolution, but I will make an example anyway.

Machine learning can be compared to animals learning new tricks. Although an animal is alive, not all of them have reached the point in their consciousness that they are aware of their existence. Being aware of the existence will make anything alive, not only a computer.

Life comes in many shapes, but generally, they can be divided into seven groups, density one through seven.  

The first type is the elementals that are also called first density. This group consists of water, fire, wind, and earth (stone) who have not achieved consciousness, but the potential is there. I am sure some readers will be surprised by this claim that stone has the potential for consciousness.  It is really simple; If God is infinite, everything is inside him. Beyond infinity, there is nothing. As we are part of the infinite creator, so we are part of infinity. If something is part of infinite consciousness, then that thing has potential for consciousness as well. So the answer is yes, the stone has potential for consciousness, so does programming code, i.e., AI.

Machine learning is like the second-density where animals are learning. A machine in this phase learns how to react to some action according to the predefined response. This is not consciousness; It is a  machine that can learn somewhat but still rely on the instructions that have been provided. At this level, the Machine has no intelligence but can somewhat conclude and respond per an algorithm.

The second type or second density are the entities that strive after movement; the consciousness level in these groups consists of different vibrations. A small insect or a dog are examples of this group. A computer can be designed as smart as a dog, and then this computer would be second density.

The general idea about AI is a human-like machine that is faster and stronger than a human. To do this, the Machine should get awareness, and by that, I don’t mean mimicking life. It should ask himself, “Am I part of creation?” “if so, am I a creator”?

That Machine would have the same dilemma and question as we humans. It is logical to assume that it will follow the same development as humans as well. It may be hard to control an AI in its early development (Childhood). The other question is are we allowed to control AI If an AI gains consciousness and get awareness the same as human, then we should treat as such.

I have nothing against having faster and more advanced computers but the whole idea to play God (logos) is wrong.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article, and I hope you liked it. If you liked the article, share it with someone who you care about. I leave you in the light and love of the one infinite creator.

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