Cosmic web finally confirmed

Cosmic web finally confirmed

Several years ago, I watched a TV series called cosmic disclosure on The series has been removed from I don’t know why. Anyway. Corey Goode, in that show, was talking about his personal experiences in SSP (Secret Space Program).

here is the article in YouTube:

Goode explained that SSP vessels are using stars to travel between other stars and galaxies with the Cosmic web’s help. A spaceship aims at the specific angle toward, for example, our sun, and it is instantly transferred into another location in the galaxy.

That Tv show was the first time I heard about these types of traveling. The timing about this was around 2016. Other sources on the Internet, such as David Wilcock, spread the information that there is a book with an extraterrestrial source. The book was written in 1986, “Ra material, The law of one.” In this book, a sixth-density entity named RA confirmed these traveling types used by third and fourth-density beings.

Although I believe the information is a fact, I didn’t have any tangible evidence to provide to people that I was talking to. I Recently received a publication (link) where scientists have proven the cosmic web and galaxies connected with the cosmic web.

Although I already knew that and take no joy in the news, it is hard evidence for people who do not believe it.

Generally, I am writing about these types of subjects because most people are still in the “WOW” phase. You may wonder what is wow phase. Most people are in a deep sleep. They do not believe in anything other than tangible physical things, which makes them “wow.” This is what the wow phase is.

Waking up a person from this phase is very difficult.

The funny thing is that it doesn’t need to be hard to wake up from deep sleep. The information is available all around. If just someone or some organization put all the wow moments together, it would go faster, but this information should be fed slowly for now.

I recommend you to start with the “Ancient alien TV series.” And then dive into “Cosmic disclosure.” Cosmic disclosure has been removed from Gaia, but if you can find a copy somewhere to buy or so, maybe.

Then watch some youtube clips from David Wilcock before he became obsessed with politics. After that, it is free to choose the source of information. If you feel brave enough, start with “Ra material, Law of one.” Here is a link to a couple of free books. I have to say that these books are difficult to study/read.


The main reason some people are against the idea that entities have been visiting us from another world besides the fact that people are sleeping is the distance between stars and galaxies. As we know, this distance is huge, and the light’s speed, according to what we know, is constant. The conclusion is that even if aliens would travel at the speed of life, they will not be able to reach us in a reasonable time.

If one understands the cosmic web traveling between stars and galaxies is not so difficult. Now we have even proved that it exists. I think the problem which most people have is that they have built a frame around their understanding, and anything that it doesn’t fit into that frame it is unacceptable.

The question is not lack of evidence; it is why people do not accept despite the evidence.

In the end, I would like to thank you for reading this article, and I hope you liked it. If you liked the article, share it with someone who you care about. I leave you in the light and love of the one infinite creator.

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